Hello, Commander!

Today we’re going to talk about the big story that runs through Retaverse and Reta Wars. Yes, we’re going to talk about tokens today. It’s an in-game currency that’s essential to playing games and an important factor in your reward.


There are two currencies in Reta Wars. One is RETA, a governance token used throughout the Retaverse ecosystem, and the other is Goldrose (GRT), a currency used only by Reta Wars. Generally you need GRT for hero, junior and territory growth and you need RETA for hero and junior purchases.

How is RETA used?

1) Buy NFT Hero or Junior NFT

The commander can purchase two types of NFTs, Junior NFT and NFT Hero, paying RETA. You can purchase NFT heroes or junior NFTs from other commanders at Marketplace for a certain amount of RETA. You should remember that a certain gas fee is paid in this process.

2) RETA Staking

In addition, the commander can leverage RETA to use the RETA Staking system, which is the core of the Retaverse ecosystem. You can receive various benefits and rewards using the RETA Staking system. You should deposit your RETA in the staking pool for Staking. You can check the details in the RETA Staking Guide.

3) Pirate King Deal

You can meet the pirate king Atliana in the square and use RETA to open her suggested loot chest. The commander can obtain ore, wood, food, soul fragments and hero doll fragments by purchasing different price loot chests of 20 RETA, 50 RETA, and 100 RETA. It should be remembered that the deal with Atliana, the pirate king, is not permanent and is temporarily operational until the NFT Island, Retaverse platform comes out.

To get RETA,

There are four ways you can get a RETA from Reta Wars.

① You can get RETA by selling NFT hero and junior NFT to Market.
② You can get a RETA as a reward for your contribution from participating in the Reta War. This is the ranking of your contribution to Reta War over the week.
③ You can get RETA as a reward by depositing RETA in the staking pool.
④ You can purchase RETA from outside using Pancake Swap.

How is GRT used?

1) NFT Hero and Junior NFT Level Up

The way to make NFT heroes and junior NFTs strong is to level up. Level up makes heroes and juniors stronger, but you need a certain amount of GRT and soul to level up junior and hero. So that means you need a GRT to build a stronger army in Reta Wars. For more information on hero and junior level-up, see the Level-up Guide.

2) Building Upgrade

A commander can upgrade a building placed in the commander’s territory by paying for ore and wood in general. The more you upgrade your building, the more rewards and power you get. However, upgrading the building takes a lot of time. At this time, if you pay GRT, you can eliminate this time limit. You can use GRT to grow faster and get into a better position than other players.

3) Purchasing resources, soul, and fragments

When a commander plays Reta Wars, you will feel short of self-produced resources. You can purchase additional resources, soul, and fragments by paying GRT on the market. In other words, you can purchase resources, soul, and fragments from the market to create a stronger army. You can purchase resources to apply for Reta War or upgrade your building. Or you can level up by purchasing a soul or purchase a fragment to seek greater rewards.

To get GRT,

There are four ways you can get GRT from Reta Wars.

① You can get GRT by selling resources, soul, and fragments in the market.
② You can participate in Reta War and get GRT as a reward for your contribution to the daily war.
③ You can get GRT as a reward by depositing RETA in the staking pool.
④ You can purchase GRT from outside using Pancake Swap.


The commander was able to learn Token in detail from Reta Wars’ guide. But you may be curious about Reta Wars’ token ecosystem cycle itself beyond Token. We have prepared a white paper for this. You will be able to solve various questions about token in the White Paper.