For your faction!

For your faction!

Hello, Commander!

When you’re all ready for the game, now you have to choose your faction. This is what you decide which factions will join the war in Reta War. When you’re part of a faction and ready for war, it will make the game more attractive.


When a commander starts Reta Wars, you must select one faction. There are two factions in Reta Wars. This is Nate and Gaia. You can join one faction and enjoy Reta Wars.
You should remember that different factions have different powers of commanders and different numbers of resources. This will have a very big impact on you strategically enjoying Reta Wars. Also, you can’t change your faction once. In other words, when you first decide on a faction, you need to decide it carefully.

▲ This is a factional selection screen. You can choose a faction and proceed with the game.

▲ This is the View detail menu.

To view the resources a faction has, you click on the “View detail” menu. You can check the GRT size that each faction has recently been distributed as a result of Reta War. When you’re done choosing, you can now enjoy Reta Wars.

The Meaning of Faction in Reta Wars

1) Reta War

If you choose a faction, you can enjoy Reta War. This is also the biggest reason for choosing factions. Reta War is a war between Nate and Gaia, the factions of Reta Wars, and the victorious faction will reap a lot of rewards. So you’re going to have to give a lot of support to the war for your faction to win. You can check the contents of Reta War through the following guides.

2) Resource trading

Nate and Gaia have a tough relationship that goes to war every day. This affects when you trade resources. If you buy resources from the other faction, you have to pay  2% additional fee. You can take a closer look at this in the Marketplace Guide.