Weather of the Talos

Weather of the Talos

Hello, Commander!

Finally, the atmosphere of Talos began to fill with clouds. The weather system will be updated in Reta Wars soon! We have prepared a brief guide for the commander, and it will be interesting information for you before the weather is updated.

Unlike the weather in Web2 games, the weather in Reta Wars is very special. That’s because the weather has a very interesting effect on your “play for profit.” This will provide the commander with a new inspiration for resource trading. And now a smarter commander will take more chances!

The Weather of Talos

The Weather of Talos

The weather now applies to Reta Wars. The weather that changes every day will act as a new variable for gameplay. That’s because it sometimes affects the production of resources and the preparation for war.

How to check the weather

You can check today’s weather on the Battlefield map. It shows today’s weather conditions, temperature, precipitation, and wind speed. You can also click on this weather information and check the weather information for the future.

But don’t be 100% sure of this forecast. Because it works the same way as a real weather forecast. This means that meteorologists’ future predictions are not always right. However, commanders can still check for important information here. That’s the hint that the continuity and probability of the weather gives you. If it continues to rain for many days, it means that the “possibility” of flooding increases.

The effect of weather

Meteorologists and explorers took note of the weather changes in Talos. They found various weather conditions and created symbols to share the information with others.

Here are 17 significant weather effects that explorers have discovered so far. There are still weather conditions that they haven’t found, but these will be of great help to the commander.

Symbol Name Weather Effect
Heavy Snow
Good Harvest
Locust Swarm
Forest Fire
New Forest Discovery
New Mine Discovery
Lunar Eclipse
Solar Eclipse
 Migratory Bird
Heat Wave
Hail Storm

Unfortunately, no one can know exactly the volume of changes in resource production caused by the weather. For example, if precipitation is low, food production will also decrease slightly. Of course, if there is a lot of rain, food production will also decrease accordingly.

The commander will now analyze the weather forecast, predict the weather, and use it for resource trading. Someone will stockpile resources when the risk of the weather is expected, and make a fortune in the face of a lack of resources!

Four seasons

Along with the update of the weather, the four seasons will also apply to the Talos. The season will affect the probability of a big event in the weather. For example, in summer, it will not snow because the high temperature persists. However, summer can have a significant effect on continued rain and flooding.

The season will be renewed every Tuesday with the start of the ranking leaderboard.