Heroes Level up

Heroes Level up

Hello, Commander!

A hero with strong power exerts great influence in Reta Wars. Commanders want strong heroes by growing them up. We prepared a guide to help you with this. That’s right. We’re going to talk about leveling up today. Commanders can grow heroes through level-ups to gain stronger heroes.


Heroes can leverage level-up to gain more power. Growing a hero is a ‘Soul’ that has the same rarity as GRT and hero. If you have enough GRTs and a soul with the same rarity as the hero, you can level up the hero. However, it is not easy because it consumes materials and costs. The higher the hero’s level, the more GRT and soul is needed.

Also, as you know, strong forces take a lot of risk. Yes, this means that level-ups cannot always succeed, and there are probabilities in level-ups. The higher the level of a hero, the lower the probability of success in the level-up. In other words, you need more GRT and soul as your level goes up. However, even if you fail to level up your hero, only your GRT and soul are consumed, not your hero is lost.

Why you need to level up?

1) Hero’s HP increase

You can level up a hero and increase HP. A hero’s HP increases so that your hero can produce resources by consuming relatively less food in the territory.

If your hero participates in Reta War, he/she will be able to play in the war for a longer time based on relatively high HP. This is related to the probability of receiving more rewards from Reta War.

2) Hero’s Power Increase

You can level up the hero and increase the power of the hero. Basically, the amount of resource production in Reta Wars is based on the hero’s power, which is determined relatively, so you need a relatively strong hero to produce a lot of resources. If your hero becomes stronger through level-up, you can produce more resources. For example, if the farmer’s power increases through level-up, the farmer’s FP increases, so the production of food on the farm increases. For more information on the territorial, you can find it in the territorial guide.

Your hero needs a relatively high CP to participate in Reta War. If you increase your hero’s CP through level-up, your hero is more likely to participate in Reta War.


Soul is the breath that God put in when he made a hero. This breath makes the hero grow further. So you’ll need a lot of soul. You can get soul in Reta Wars in two ways.

1) Decompose the hero to acquire the soul

The soul that you get when you break up a hero is influenced by the rarity and luck of the hero. Additionally, when break-up a Junior NFT or NFT Hero, you can also obtain Hero Dolls(or Junior Dolls) along with Souls (or Soul Flowers). When you break up a hero, the amount of soul you can get for each rarity is as follows.

🌳 Soul probability in hero decomposition

Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Soul 4 4 5 6 7
Common 4
Uncommon 4
Rare 5
Epic 6
Legendary 7

Also, the higher your hero’s luck, the more soul you get when you break up. That means that every time a hero’s lucky number of increases by 1, the amount of soul you can get increases by 1. The maximum amount of luck a hero can have is 5.

2) Acquire soul by purchasing from the market

The commander can pay GRT at the market and purchase the soul. The price of the soul varies by rarity.

3) Combine Soul Flowers to acquire Soul

Commanders can collect 100 Soul Flowers and combine them to obtain a Soul of the same rarity. When you combine Soul Flowers, depending on your RETA Staking rank, you can get an extra Soul if you achieve a great success. This is an added benefit of RETA Staking, and more details can be found in the RETA Staking Guide.

How to Level Up

If the commander has enough GRT and soul, you can level up the hero. In order for you to level up a hero, you must first check the hero you want to level up in My NFT.

You have to let the hero out of the building so that you can level up. If a hero is placed in a building, the hero cannot be dismantled and leveled up.

You can see the power of the hero and the power after the hero’s level-up.
You can find out the GRT and soul needed to level up the hero.
You can see the success probability of a hero’s level-up.

The commander can level up the junior NFT in the same way as the NFT hero. You can find more information about the level-up of Junior NFT in the Junior Guide!


You can use elixirs to increase your chances of a successful level up. When you have Elixirs in your possession, you can choose the number of Elixirs you want to use on the NFT hero level-up screen. Depending on the amount used, you will see an increase in level-up probability.

Up to level 7, you can boost the level-up probability to a maximum of 100% using Elixirs. And from level 7 ~ 9, you can increase it to a maximum of 70%. Once your hero reaches level 10, you can use Elixirs to raise the level-up probability up to 50%. Keep in mind that the amount of Elixirs needed to increase the level-up probability will grow with your NFT’s rarity and level, so higher levels may require a significant number of Elixirs.

Elixirs are generally not tradable in the marketplace and can be acquired through BUSD. However, by actively playing the game, players can still obtain Elixirs. The in-game shop also allows for Elixir purchases using GRT, with a limited quantity of Elixirs available for purchase with GRT once a week. More information on purchasing Elixir can be found in the Shop Guide!

Level Down

In Reta Wars, high-level heroes always hold great value. Heroes above level 10 possess immense power, but if a hero above level 10 fails a level up, there is a risk of leveling down. When a hero above level 10 fails a level up, there is a 50% chance of leveling down. If the hero levels down, their level decreases by 1, and their stats are reduced. Obtaining a powerful hero is no easy task!