Start of RETA Staking

Start of RETA Staking

RETA Staking

You can deposit your RETA in Staking pool and receive various forms of compensation. Reta Wars’ Staking will help RETA perfect its Game-Fi ecosystem with stability.

The ultimate goal of RETA Staking is for the commander to share the benefits of the ecosystem with the Reta Team, thereby realizing the value of true governance. The RETA Team wants to grow with its commanders, redistributing Reta Wars revenue. Therefore, the expansion and growth of Retaverse will have an equally positive effect on its commanders. We expect RETA Staking to be the driving force behind the better.

Rewards from RETA Staking

Commanders can enjoy various benefits during their journey in Reta Wars through RETA Staking. To receive these benefits, you must first stake your RETA in the RETA Staking pool. You can engage in various activities related to Reta Staking in the RETA Staking menu.

Once you’ve staked your RETA and completed RETA Staking, you’ll be eligible for the benefits associated with Reta Staking. The benefits you can gain through RETA Staking are as follows.

1) Fee benefits based on RETA Staking rating

RETA Staking has five grades: Baron, Viscount, Earl, Marquess, Duke. The Commander will receive a discount on fees for resource transactions, GRT withdrawals and resource collection under the RETA Staking rating, and will benefit from the synthesis of soul fragments.

If you basically don’t have the experience of RETA Staking, you can start RETA Staking with a None rating. If you want to receive benefits based on the rating of RETA Staking, you can earn benefits by depositing at least 100 RETA. The more RETA you deposit, the higher the RETA Staking rating and the more  benefits you receive. You can find the detailed benefits below.

🎲 Fee Benefits 1: Resource Sales Fee Reduction
The GRT fee paid by the commander when selling resources in the market is reduced. The discount rate varies depending on your grade.

🎲 Fee benefit 2: GRT withdrawal fee reduction
The withdrawal fee incurred when the commander moves the GRT he has in-game to his wallet is reduced. The discount rate varies depending on your grade.

🎲 Fee Benefits 3: Reduced Harvest Fee
When a commander harvests resources from a territory, part of the resources are automatically paid as a fee. You can reduce the harvest fee through RETA Staking. Likewise, the discount rate varies depending on your grade.

🎲 Fee Benefit 4: Reduced Patron Reward Fee
When commanders support heroes in Hero Patron and receive rewards, a portion of the reward is paid as a fee. By staking in RETA Staking, you can reduce the fee associated with Hero Patron reward. The reduction rate varies depending on your RETA Staking rank. You can find more details about Hero Patron reward and fees in the Hero Patron guide.

2) Increased Great Success Probability when Combining Soul Flowers

Commanders can enjoy the benefit of a higher Great Success rate when combining Soul Flowers in their inventory through RETA Staking. Typically, when you combine Soul Flowers, you receive one soul of the same rarity as the Soul Flowers. However, with a Great Success, you can obtain an additional soul. Great Success starts from the RETA Staking Viscount rank, and the higher your RETA Staking rank, the higher the probability of achieving a Great Success.

3) Rewards from RETA Staking Pool

You can get a steak reward through RETA Staking. Reta Wars staking does not operate for a limited time, but continues to circulate by storing part of the fees incurred by Reta Wars’ gameplay in the reward pool. In other words, the reward pool is a device that allows commanders who deposit RETA through part of Reta Wars’ fee revenue to continue to receive compensation.

The commander can deposit RETA Staking to obtain RETA, GRT, and natural resources (ore, wood, food) at a constant rate of the quantity of the Reward Pool. The compensation you get is affected by the RETA you deposited. This is because the entire Reward Pool rewards all players who deposited RETA by the Staking ratio. Therefore, the more you do RETA Staking, the more rewards you can get. You spend a small amount of gas fee in this process.

The fees for the entire compensation pool are as follows.

When commanders trade NFT hero or junior in the market, a RETA fee is incurred. Half of this RETA fee will be transferred to the Staking Pool.

When commanders trade resources, soul fragments in the market, GRT fees are incurred. Half of this GRT fee goes to the staking pool.

🔷 Resource
Harvest fees are automatically incurred when all commanders harvest resources from their territory. Half of this harvest fee is allocated to the staking pool.

4) Attendance Reward

Commanders can fulfill certain conditions and mark their attendance. To do this, you need to have a minimum of 100 RETA staked in RETA Staking.

Also, if you consistently mark your attendance and complete the attendance board for 30 days, you’ll receive a special reward for your Staking title. You can find more detailed information about attendance in the Square Market guide.

Lock-up Rules

Lock up
We have set a lock-up rule to increase the stability of RETA Staking. If you deposit RETA for RETA Staking, you will have a lockup for 3 days. Lockup is 3 days regardless of the amount of RETA deposited.

Lock-up criteria
Lockup rules are based on the last deposit unconditionally. If you deposit 500 RETA on the first day and deposit 500 RETA again 3 days later, your lockup will be released on the 6th day.

You can freely do Unstake and withdraw after the lock-up is lifted. However, benefits may be changed if the rating is lowered through Unstake or the deposited RETA becomes zero. A small gas fee is paid when you do Unstake. If you want to withdraw by doing Unstake before the lockup is lifted, you can do Unstak with a 10% penalty.