How to exchange GRT

How to exchange GRT

Hello, Commander!

In the transfer menu, You can make your profit by moving GRT from the game to your wallet, or on the contrary, you can deposit GRT from your wallet in the game and benefit from the gameplay.

To use Transfer,

In order to use Transfer, the commander must first click on the commander’s profile. The “Profile” and “Transfer” menus are displayed, and you can click on the “Transfer” menu to go to the “Transfer” page.

▲ You can click on the profile to go to the Transfer page.


We have prepared a “Transfer” in the game to save the player’s gas fee spending and your trouble. You can conveniently move GRT through the “Transfer” menu.

This is your current Owl mileage, which is required to transfer GRT from Reta Wars to your wallet. You can transfer GRT to your wallet in exchange for your Owl mileage.

You can withdraw GRT from Reta Wars to your wallet, and depending on your Reta Staking level, you can receive transaction fee benefits. In addition, depending on the building level, the daily limit for withdrawing GRT increases.

You can desposit GRT from your wallet to Reta Wars, and there is no limit to the amount you can transfer.

In-Game Balance refers to GRT deposited off-chain within the game. You can use GRT in your in-game balance without paying gas fees. Wallet balance displays GRT withdrawn from the chain, which you can trade on DEX or deposit off-chain to use in the game.

Ways to get Owl mileage

You can supply resources to your faction in Daily Reta War to receive daily rewards or purchase and exchange GRT in the black market using Spoils obtained as a Hero Patron to get Owl mileage.

1) You can supply your faction to win in Daily Reta War and get Owl mileage. In this case, you will receive 50% of the GRT rewarded from Daily Reta War as Owl mileage.

▲ If you receive 56.24 GRT as a war reward, you will receive 28 Owl mileage, which is 50% of the reward.

2) You can exchange Spoils for GRT in the black market to get Owl mileage. In this case, you can receive Owl mileage equivalent to 80% of the GRT you exchanged.

▲ If you exchange 100 Spoils for 80 GRT, you will receive 60 Owl mileage, which is 80% of the exchanged GRT.

3) You can pay Spoils in the black market to purchase GRT products and get Owl mileage equivalent to 100% of the purchased GRT product.

▲ If you pay Spoils to purchase a product worth 1778 GRT, you will receive 1778 Owl mileage, which is 100% of the purchased GRT product.

Transfer Rules

There are several rules for you to use Transfer in Reta Wars. This is the minimum rule you have made to protect against malicious outside attacks. This will prevent your asset value from being compromised and will be able to respond quickly in the event of a malicious attack. The rules for GRT withdrawal are as follows.

✔️ The maximum amount of GRT that can be withdrawn from the game depends on the level of your buildings. This applies to all building levels. For example, if all your buildings are level 1, you can withdraw up to 100 GRT per day. Even if you have enough Owl mileage and GRT, if all your buildings are level 1, you can only withdraw up to 100 GRT.

✔️ You must have at least 1 NFT hero to withdraw GRT.

✔️ The GRT withdrawal limit will be reset the next day at 12:00 AM (UTC). If you have withdrawn the maximum GRT, you can withdraw the GRT again after 12:00 AM (UTC) the next day.

You can check the Territorial Guide(Building upgrade table) for GRT withdrawal restrictions based on building level.