Server maintenance for updates!

Server maintenance for updates!

December 14, 2022

Hello, Commander!

Reta Wars Square’s new mini-game: ‘Deal with Pirate King’ will be updated on Dec 16 at 12:00 UTC. Now you can open this new Loot Chest using RETA, according to her suggestion. No one knows what you’re going to receive from three boxes with different prices. It’s only up to you to open this chest. Maybe a really big fortune can be with you.


Deal with Pirate King

Deal with Pirate King

You can now find the game’s new menu, Square. Interesting content will continue to emerge here that commanders who play Reta Wars can experience additionally. And the deal with the pirate king is the first content of this square.

You can meet the Pirate King atliana on this new menu and open the Loot Chest she suggests. The commander can open the Loot Chest they wants, and these three boxes are set at different prices: 20 RETA, 50 RETA, and 100 RETA. You can pay the price according to the Chest you want, and you can open it anytime.

Commanders who have won Lucky Draw and proved their great luck will be seen by more people with the size of the luck they have won!


You’re basically going to receive a variety of sculptural items and random resources through this chest. However, all quantities are random, so different players can get different results. Of course, potentially more valuable pieces and more resources will be in a more valuable box.

In general, the Large Box offers the most rewards. However, if you want to acquire Uncommon Soul most reasonably, you can also consider Small Box. Therefore, deciding which box to open depends only on your plan and strategy.

Huge Resource Chance is a bonus that works separately from Lucky Draw. This bonus will give you huge either ore, wood or food. Of course, if your building level is high, you can get enough resources from this bonus.

Double Chance

All of these boxes will sometimes provide you with twice as many resources as indicated. That’s the Double Chance. The probability of a double chance bonus depends on your staking title. Therefore, commanders with higher RETA staking ratings will receive more resources on average.

Commanders who have won Lucky Draw and proved their great luck will be seen by more people with the size of the luck they have won!

Lucky Draw

Following Reta Team’s iron rule of sharing the ecosystem’s revenue with players, “Deal With Pirate King” deposits some of the revenue generated from the ecosystem in Reward Pool. That’s “Pirate Reward Pool,” which was released with “Deal With Pirate King.”

The new Reward Pool has been prepared to offer a tremendous reward to the commander who won the Lucky Draw at this Loot Chest.

The Pirate Reward Pool, prepared for Lucky Draw hiding in this new Loot Chest, includes stunning rewards from the start. As we explained in Sneak peek, A certain amount of Hero Doll and Soul Flower will be accumulated in this new reward pool whenever Reta Wars commanders break up NFT heroes.

Don’t be surprised! This pirate reward pool is retroactive. That means that since Reta Wars launched, the results of the NFT heroes that all commanders have broken up so far are all in this reward pool.

If you win Lucky Draw at Loot Chest, you will immediately receive some of the valuable items in the Reward Pool. Of course, the rate you’re going to get will depend on the chest you open.

Commanders who have won Lucky Draw and proved their great luck will be seen by more people with the size of the luck they have won!

A lucky draw always occurs in all boxes with a 0.1% probability. If a player wins a lucky draw, he or she can receive dividends from Reward Pool 1 or Reward Pool 2. Reward Pool 1 has Hero Doll, and Reward Pool 2 has Soul Flower. When you win a lucky draw, no one knows from which reward pool you will be rewarded.

Server Down Schedule

This update will start on Dec 16, and that includes the server down for maintenance. As soon as the server opens, you can access this new Loot Chest.

Server Down Time: Dec 16th 10:00 to 12:00 UTC (2 hours)

The time required for maintenance and updates is the expected number. It may end sooner than we expected, or it may be delayed a little. If the server opening is delayed beyond the announced time, we will inform you of the news through the announcement channel without delay.