Visit the Square Market

Visit the Square Market

Hello, Commander!

Today, we will talk about the square market, where there are various products! Through this guide, you can purchase a variety of items at Square Market and GRT shops that will enrich and make your Reta Wars journey more enjoyable. Take a look at the attractive features of Square Market and GRT Shop with this guide!

What is a Square Market?

Square Market is a market where you can purchase a fixed number of products by paying Square Coin. You can enter the Square Market by clicking the Square Market button on the Square menu.

Square Market Items

In the Square Market, you can buy items with set prices and quantities. Here are items you can purchase in the Square Market.

🔸 Junior NFT Manuals: 10 Square Coins each
🔸 Junior Dolls: 50 Square Coins each
🔸 Untradable Promotion Scrolls: 500 Square Coins each
(special one-time price of 400 Square Coins)

If all the items sell out, the stock will be reset at 12:00 UTC when the daily war ends, and you can buy them again. Keep this in mind when buying at the Square Market.

How to get Square Coin?

Square coin, unlike other tokens, can be only obtained through the game content of Reta Wars. You can get a square coin in two ways.

1) Attendance

The first way to get Square Coin is by completing your daily attendance and getting Square Coins as a reward for attendance. You can click on the profile and enter the attendance menu.

▲ You can also see a checklist pop-up for today's attendance when you visit the game.

Conditions of attendance

To prove that you are ready to receive the square coin, here are some conditions. But these conditions are very simple, and it’s just to prove that you’re a part of a gamer that’s active in this ecosystem.

  • Staking 100 RETA at least
  • Using more than 4 NFT (including both junior and hero)
  • Finish the strategy vote and the Battlefield conquest vote

And if you’ve cleared all of these conditions, you can finally prove your attendance through prayer. In this process, you will pay 0.01 RETA as a donation and your attendance will be checked successfully.

Reward for attendance

You can get a square coin as a reward for your attendance.

Additional rewards for Staking holders

One of the significance of square coins is to reward the contributors to this ecosystem. In other words, the RETA staking holder also deserves additional compensation as a contributor to the ecosystem. Commanders who have completed the attendance board for 30 days will receive a special reward for their staking title.

Attendance rule

  • If your staking rating is lowered during attendance, your compensation for attendance on the 30th will also be reduced. In other words, if your staking rating goes down from Duke to Marquess at least once during your attendance process, the Completion reward will also be reset based on Marquess. The completion reward does not change until the Attendance bord is completed or initialized.
  • In order for you to benefit from the Completion Reaward, you must maintain at least a Staking title Viscount.

  • Attendance bord is initialized daily at 12:00 UTC and attendance cannot be completed during Reta War. You must complete your attendance by at least 09:59 UTC.
  • If you missed attendance even for one day, unfortunately Attendance bord is reset immediately and you have to complete attendance again from day 1 and pray.

2) Daily Fast Mode

Another way to get Square Coin is by becoming a winner on the leaderboard in the Daily Fast Mode with great results. You’ll be received with Square Coins based on your performance.

Rank Reward
4~10 x100
11~30 x50
31~50 x10
51~100 x5

You can join Daily Fast Mode every day from 10:00 UTC to 12:00 UTC and 22:00 UTC to 24:00 UTC. For more information, check out the Fast Mode guide.

GRT Shop

GRT Shop is a place that sells products that can be purchased with GRT at Square Market. The GRT Shop offers mysterious items that you can buy with GRT instead of Square Coins. Here, you can purchase two types of boxes with GRT.

The first, Soulflower box lets you get a random rarity Soul Flower. You can pay 35 GRT for each box and receive one random rarity Soul Flower. You can buy up to 50 Soulflower boxes per day.

The second, Manual box lets you get a random junior’s job manual. You can pay 13 GRT for each box and get one random job manual. You can buy up to 10 Manual boxes per day.

These items have limited quantities like other items in the Square Market, so once you buy the all boxes, you won’t be able to purchase more until they reset. All boxes reset at 12:00 UTC.