Fragments of Battlefield

Fragments of Battlefield

Hello, Commander!

Today we introduce you to Reta War’s new reward system, the Fragment. This is a policy that provides new rewards to players who contribute to Reta War. It will be updated soon, and this news will help you prepare for new opportunities in the game.



This is part of a newly discovered artifact on the battlefield by heroes who were drafted into the Reta War. Yeah, it’s actually just a piece of an artifact that’s been shattered. But that means that when you’ve collected enough of these fragments, you can restore them to a complete item.

How is the Fragment reward determined?

The fragment was excavated from remains ruined throughout the Battlefield. Therefore, more fragments will be allocated to the faction that conquered more land. The commander will now check out the new ‘Discovery buff’ in Battlefield’s buff section. This buff has nothing to do with winning or losing a daily reta war. It’s just going to rise as the faction conquers more land.

Fragments can be obtained from the ‘Recent Results’ >> Today Reward menu after the end of the daily reta war. So far you have earned GRT as a reward for your contribution here, but after the update, you will open the treasure box. In addition to the existing reward GRT, a new ‘fragment’ reward is added. Of course, the number of fragments will increase with your daily contribution ranking. A commander who supplies more resources than others to a faction can receive fragments that are worthy of it.

Basically, the fragment is a reward for Reta War’s contribution. The commander gets a chance for better fragments according to their war contribution ranking: High rarity fragments and hero dolls. And the commander will be assigned a larger number of fragments according to the ‘discovery buff’ of the faction they belong to.

But it has a little bit of randomness, unlike GRT. The GRT’s reward volume always follows your supply ranking, but fragment reward means there is a “possibility” that it won’t. Apart from allocation to factions, all commanders will be affected by the randomness by their fate when they acquire fragments.

Yes, it’s about the probability of getting more fragments. Sometimes, commanders who are extremely lucky, it means that they may receive fragments that are much higher than the value of the resources they support.

But you must contribute to this war to be a potential candidate for this lucky outcome. This condition is a policy to protect commanders from cherry pickers who seek good luck like lottery tickets.

– Supply more than 100 Ore, Wood, and Food each, and Supplies more than 500 combined Morale and Military Secret
– Supply total of 2,000 natural resources in the Reta War, Not including Morale and military secrets

Types of Fragments

You can check the fragments you have in ‘Profile’ >> ‘Inventory’. And if you have more than 100 fragments, you can restore it by pressing the Combine button.

Icon Instruction
Hero Doll
Collect and combine 100 Hero Doll Fragments, and you can create a ticket for NFT hero minting.
Junior doll
Collect and combine 100 Junior Doll Fragments, and you can create a ticket for Junior NFT minting.
Soul Flower
It’s a fragment that can make ‘Soul’, a hero level-up material. It has five grades according to its rarity, just like soul and hero. Meanwhile, you can get a little bit of a ‘great success’ chance when you combine Soul Flower.
Weapon Blueprint Fragment
This cannot be combined yet. And no one would be able to predict the value of this fragment. Only commanders who expect future value will prepare this fragment in advance. After the weapons system has been updated, you can combine these fragments to get a ‘weapon blueprint’. Weapon blueprints will be generated at random. No one knows what kind of blueprints you’re going to get.

“Great success”

Here’s a new advantage for the RETA holder. When combining soul flower pieces, commanders can experience ‘great success’ with a low probability depending on their titles. A great success means you’re given double the result: one extra soul. This only applies when you combine soul flowers. And the odds of ‘great success’ will depend on your reta staking title.

GRT Trade

Fragments have additional profitable options. That means you can trade fragments at any time. A new tab has been added to the marketplace, where you can sell fragments to get GRT. Of course, you can pay GRT and buy new fragments.


The fragment system will suggest you an option to make this reta war more attractive. The only way to get this attractive reward in reta war is to supply your faction with more resources. Now it will be harder for players to decide whether to sell resources to the market or supply them for war.

Battlefield’s conquest vote will also be more interesting. While it remains important to take away the enemy’s important places, many commanders can now examine attractive options for conquering neutral land to acquire more pieces.

Finally, don’t forget that new perks have been added for the RETA Staking Holder from this new system. The odds of great success offer a potential benefit to Staking Holder’s gameplay. We will not stop thinking about giving additional benefits to the RETA Staking Holder in the future.