A beginner’s tutorial

A beginner’s tutorial

Hello, Commander!

We know that novice commanders are struggling in many ways. We are well aware of this, and we have written a beginner’s guide to solve this problem. Reta Wars requires a lot of preparation, and this guide will help you.

Before the game starts,

▲ Metamask

The commander will need a lot of preparation before the game starts. First, you will need to install a meta mask and need BUSD and BNB. This is a very basic step for you to play the game. You can look at the details in the guide for this.


Now, the commander has to choose a faction to start the game in earnest. This is the faction that you’re going to belong to in Reta War. You should remember that there is a difference in resources and power between factions. We wrote a guide to the faction for the commander. Check out the details here!

NFT Hero

Commanders can enjoy the game after selecting factions. All commanders need at least one NFT hero to enjoy the game. Therefore, the NFT hero has a very high value in Reta Wars. You can find more information about NFT heroes in the following guide.

NFT heroes can also be purchased at the Shop or Market. You can purchase here to have at least one NFT hero. We have prepared a brief guide for the commanders who will purchase NFT heroes. You can understand the currency and economy of Reta Wars by looking at the guide.

▲ Farmer heroes to help commander launch Reta Wars

If we give you a tip about heroes, the first NFT hero’s job would be advantageous for a farmer. This is because when you produce resources, the hero’s stamina is consumed, and food is consumed to restore the hero’s stamina. If you have a farmer, you don’t have to buy food from the market!

Step Up Junior NFT

In addition to the NFT hero, commanders can enjoy Reta Wars by utilizing other NFT, Junior NFT. The junior NFT is a weak but continuing to grow hero. If you gain experience as a junior NFT and succeed in promotion, you can evolve the junior NFT into an NFT hero. Junior NFT may be another way for novice commanders to enjoy Reta Wars. If you want to know more about Junior NFT, you can find out more in the Junior NFT Guide.

Junior NFT Guide ▶

How to Use a Hero or Junior

The commander will now have at least one NFT hero. Then, you will be wondering how to use heroes efficiently, and we recommend that you place heroes in the building first. That’s the fastest way to produce resources. More information on deploying heroes can be found in the Territorial Guide.

Naturally, it would be efficient for you to place a hero or junior in a building that fits your job. You put a farmer on the farm and a warrior on the barracks. This may vary depending on the degree of rarity, but is generally efficient.

For a powerful hero or junior

Unlike a normal army, a stronger army will bring you a lot of rewards. Therefore, the commander will try to build an army with stronger heroes or juniors. You can level up the hero or junior and place a stronger hero or junior. The hero’s level-up or junior’s level-up consumes a certain amount of soul and GRT. We know what the commander wants and have prepared a level-up guide to solve this problem.

Reta War

The commander now has a powerful army. This means being able to participate in Reta War, the biggest war in Talos. Join the heroes in the relentless wars that take place every day. You’ll need a lot of preparation for this. You can prepare Reta War through the following guides.

Commander, check out the outcome of the war and feel the fascinating Reta War. You can analyze more details through simulations, not just the results of the war. Check out Reta Wars’ attractive system through the following guides.

When the war ended, many people began to praise the heroes who contributed to War. If you send a lot of support to your faction, you can get compensation for the corresponding RETA. For this, you should look at the ranking guide. This is a way to strategically enjoy Reta Wars.

RETA Staking

Another way to get a reward is “RETA Staking.” We have a system that is different from normal staking. This is a very attractive way, and it has various benefits according to the grade. RETA Staking is currently only depositing revenue for Reta Wars in the Reward Pool. That’s because Reta Wars is the only game currently released. But plans for the addition of new projects and platform expansion are enough news to inspire the growth potential of RETA Staking. For more information on RETA Staking, see the RETA Staking Guide!


Reta Wars offers various elements for players to enjoy beyond the endless battles. You can experience a range of mini-games in the Square. Simply head to the Square menu to participate in Reta Wars’ mini-games.

The first mini-game available in the Square is Fast Mode. In Fast Mode, you can play daily and experience many aspects of the Reta Wars journey in a short amount of time. Use this opportunity to learn more about Reta Wars while playing for free. For more information on Fast Mode, check out the Fast Mode guide.

Additionally, you can participate in the popular Reta Wars mini-game, Hero Patron. Hero Patron is a ranking competition among heroes who have achieved high combat contributions in daily Reta War.well in Reta War battles. You can either register your hero in the arena or support heroes that have been selected for the arena to get rewards. To learn more about this engaging mini-game, check out the Hero Patron guide.


We are now going to talk about the final step in the guide, Transfer. Maybe this is the most necessary system for a commander. Transfer makes it easy for you to move the GRT, the currency of Reta Wars, into your wallet or game. This system requires a small fee, but it is simple and does not require gas fee. A guide to help you use your Transfer system can be found in the Transfer Guide.

More investment brings more rewards. Commander, enjoy Reta Wars right away! The guide will help you adjust to Reta Wars a lot.