Battle Simulator 1.0 overview

Battle Simulator 1.0 overview

Hello, Commander!

The commander would have been a member of your faction and applied for the fierce battle of Reta War every day. We want to talk to you about a system that will make Reta War more attractive. Today is about battle simulation. You will be able to see the battlefield of Reta War more vividly through the battle simulation.

Battle Simulation

Battle simulation is a script that tells you about the war situation in Reta War. In other words, you can replay Reta War’s narrative about the hero’s performance and the progress of the war through simulation.

If the commander wants to check the battle simulation, you can go to the Recent Results. There are two items in the battle simulation, each of which is capable of the following activities:
Go to Replay: You can watch the battle simulation.
Simulation Result: You can check the final results of the simulation in text.

Go to Replay

This shows the number of remaining heroes of the current faction. The number of heroes changes in real time depending on the outcome of the war.
This battle record according to the timeline is displayed here. You can check how the NFTs of each force are fighting in this battle.
You can speed up the battle simulation. Simulation progress is x1, x2, and x4.
This is a pause button. Pause the battle simulation.
This is the exit button. You can stop the battle simulation and leave. After you finish, go to Simulation Result.

Simulation Result

Commanders can find detailed results on Reta War’s progress here. Simulation Result is divided into 3 categories and you can check your performance and your faction’s performance.

1) My Performance

If the commander participated in Reta War, you can see the performance of your heroes here. Here you can see the total damage of your heroes, battle start and end times, kill points, and battle contribution points. Your combat contribution points are added to the Reta War weekly ranking and reflected.

2) Top 100

You can find out the ranking of the Top 100 commanders who participated in the Reta War here. You can check the total damage of heroes, battle start and end time, kill points, and contribution scores.

3) Text Record

You can check out the same war situation here at once as we checked in Battle Simulation.

The Future of Battle Simulators

We would like to explain the future direction of Battle Simulator 1.0. We have already informed the commanders of the Battle Simulator 2.0 via Announcements. We are confident that the Battle simulator 2.0 will bring you a more interesting Reta War with 3D modeling and large-scale combat simulations. Look forward to the new Battle Simulator 2.0! You can check the details of this on Announcements.