Free to Play: Fast Mode

Free to Play: Fast Mode

Hello, Commander!

Today, we will introduce Fast mod, a popular mini-game of Reta Wars. Fast mode is the second mini-game of Reta Wars’ Square, which plays every day and allows you to experience much of Reta Wars in a short time. This would be a good opportunity to test the commander’s knowledge of Reta Wars. Survive the fast-paced battlefield, become a winner and challenge rewards!

Overview: Fast Mode

Fast Mode is the second mini-game to be added to Reta Wars’ Square. A key feature of Fast Mode is that it compresses most of the game elements you can experience in Reta Wars in a short time. Resources will gather at a tremendous rate, and buildings will be upgraded very quickly. Crucially, Reta War happens every 30 minutes for 5 minutes. You can experience what you need to learn from Reta Wars in a short time, trying many things to survive the ever-changing battlefield.

Fast Mode runs daily for a short period of time each day, twice a day, for two hours per game. In other words, Fast Mode is a mini game that you can enjoy every day! The commander is allowed to enter Fast Mode 10:00 UTC and 22:00 UTC daily at Square.

Feature of Fast Mode

Feature of Fast Mode

  • Fast Mode is FREE! In Fast Mode, all players will run from an equal starting line. At the start of each game, the player is presented with 20 new heroes. When a new game in Fast Mode starts, you can go to My NFT and check out 20 heroes. Here are 20 hero presets with fixed rarity and ability, and you are free to use them. Of course this is not an NFT and will be deleted at the end of the game.

  • Fast mode can be played daily from 10:00 to 12:00 UTC and 22:00 to 24:00 UTC. In other words, you can compete in fast mode twice a day.
  • Every time a new game in Fast Mode starts, you have to set a new nickname and faction. Of course, this is separate from the nickname and faction you set in Reta Wars.

  • In Fast Mode, you will experience part of Reta Wars’ “economic war” system. This means that most of the gaming system is the same as the real Reta Wars. However, You don’t have much time here! All decisions must be made quickly, and Battle time will come very quickly. 7 days, a season at the Reta Wars, compresses to just 2 hours at Fast Mode. In other words, this mode is about how much you can achieve in just 2 hours.

  • Fast Mode is an independent game mode, apart from Reta Wars. At the end of each game, all data in Fast Mode is deleted, so this mode doesn’t save your play history.
  • Fast Mode trades resources or heroes in a special way. That would be a different way than Reta Wars. It’s a sophisticated resource exchange system that works like an AMM DEX system.
  • At the end of each game, the rankers on the leaderboard will be rewarded. Fast mode rewards are flexible, and the more players join this exciting competition, the greater the rewards will be.

  • Remember! Since all players started from an equal starting point, the only factor determining the winner of the podium depends on strategy, build and teamwork!
  • Remember, rewards from both Fast Mode and Fast Mode Championship reset after a certain period in preparation for the next match. Therefore, don’t forget to claim your rewards when participating in the Fast Mode and Fast Mode Championship!

How to Start

How to Start

Your first action to play Fast Mode is to log in to Reta Wars. You can connect your BNB wallet and enter Reta Wars.

When you log in to Reta Wars for the first time, you have to select a faction and write a nickname. Wait! This means a profile for Reta Wars, not Fast Mode. Remember, once you create this profile, you can’t change it again. Review carefully!

Once you have logged in to the game, now look at the menu bar at the top of the screen. Click on the “SQUARE” menu at the far right.

  You can now find the Fast Mode and Fast Mode Championship banners here. Here, you can check the time remaining until the next game in Fast Mode or Fast Mode Championship starts. Is it time to start? Go for it right away!

When you enter Fast Mode, you have to select a faction for this game and write a nickname. This is separate from the global profile you created in Reta Wars. It will also be initialized each time Fast Mode ends. If you are a member of a party or guild promotion, add a ticker to your nickname at this stage.

If you have successfully entered Fast Mode, you need to visit the My NFT menu first. Here you will meet 20 hero cards prepared for Fast Mode. This is not an NFT, is non-tradeable, and will be deleted when Fast Mode ends. Also, the rarity and ability of all of these hero cards are all fixed presets.

Now place these heroes in buildings in your territory, produce resources and play the game.

The Fast Mode Shop will provide you with supply box every 6 minutes. This supply box will not accumulate and will have a six-minute cooldown from the time you last received the supply box. This box provides you with a random hero card, SRT and Elixir. As the war in Fast Mode continues, more cards, SRTs and Elixirs will be provided from the supply box.

When Fast Mode ends after fierce competition, it’s time to check the leaderboard. Fast Mode offers attractive rewards to players who reach #1 to #100 on the leaderboard!



The Fast Mode leaderboard winners will receive square coins as a reward for their winner. If you don’t know what square coin is yet, check our last announcement. The number of square coin that can be compensated according to the ranking achieved in Fast Mode is as follows.


Rank Reward
4~10 x100
11~30 x50
31~50 x10
51~100 x5

Fast Mode Championship

Fast Mode Championship

Unlike the daily Fast Mode, this championship is a stage for commanders with a lot of experience and skills. This is a four-hour game played, and it will include limited admission rights and strong rewards. Experienced players compete to be the real powerhouse, which will make the battlefield more intense and change rapidly. You will need faster hand movements and more elaborate strategies to be the winner of the championship!

What is the difference from Fast Mode?

  • The Fast Mode Championship is accessible from the square menu like Fast Mode. However, the Fast Mode Championship does not take place every day, unlike Fast Mode. The Fast Mode Championship is open every four weeks at 10:00 UTC.

  • The Fast Mode Championship lasts four hours. Be careful not to lose your concentration on a longer and fiercer battlefield!

  • Unlike Fast Mode, where you can play for free, Fast Mode Championships require you to pay a certain amount of Square coin or GRT to buy a Fast Mode ticket for admission.

  • On the “Big Chance” tab of the Shop, you can selectively pay for it. Also, you can purchase these items only once each. This provides you with attractive boosting. However, this effect will only take effect until this Fast Mode ends.

Fast Mode Championship Reward

If you are recorded as a leaderboard winner in the Fast Mode Championship, you will be rewarded for your results as you would in Fast Mode. However, this is different from the compensation of the fast mode. The reward of the Fast Mode Championship will be an attractive reward for commanders who have been recorded as true strongmen through demanding entry conditions and fierce competition. The rewards of the Fast Mode Championship will be revealed later on our announcement channel. Keep an eye on our channel!