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What kind of game is this?2022-09-30T17:04:59+09:00

Not all wars in history meant just ‘battle’.
Every war has a big impact on the economy and politics. And someone takes a huge opportunity in this situation.

So does Reta Wars. This is an economic simulation with the theme of endless war.

You can hire NFT heroes and place them in your territory, producing resources.
Thinking about how to use this resource is the key to this gameplay.

You can sell your resources to the market immediately, and you can invest in the opportunity of war.
One can be a huge resource entrepreneur, and another can be a war hero.

In this endless war, the only strategy to decide whether to win or not is to vote.
You need to vote to maximize your profits and interests.
Someone will gather opinions from other players in the community to maximize their profits.

What are the qualifications to play this game?2022-09-30T17:06:54+09:00

You need a personalized BSC wallet to log in to this game. (etc: Metamask)

And, to play this game, you need a hero NFT.
You can mint random heroes at the shop,
You can trade heroes with other players in the Marketplace.

I have NFT hero. What is the first step in the game?2022-09-30T18:43:54+09:00

1. Choose the Faction, and Set the nickname.
2. Press the ‘All Enter to Territory’ button in the ‘My NFT’ Menu. Your heroes need to enter the territory to play the game.
3. Now click the ‘Territory’ Menu to go to your territory and click on the building.
4. Place the hero. And give leadership and manager rights to the strongest heroes.
5. Heroes placed in buildings will automatically produce resources.

– The hero’s HP decreases as he continues to work. A hero doesn’t die, but when their HP has 0, they can no longer produce resources. You can feed heroes and restore their HP. You can produce food at the ‘farm’ in your territory, or you can buy it at the marketplace.

– All buildings cannot produce more resources than their production limits. To harvest more resources at once, you need to upgrade the building level.

All right, I have resources. What is the next option?2022-09-30T17:21:11+09:00

– You can sell your own natural resources (Ore, Wood, Food) to the marketplace.

– You can supply resources to your Factions for the war contribution ranking. This action is only available once every 2 hours.

– If you upgrade your building, you can deploy more heroes and store more resources.

How can I join the war?2022-09-30T17:24:24+09:00

– Basically, every hero you put in your barracks is a potential conscript.
Every day at the start of the war, the Reta War simulator automatically determines which hero will participate in the battle.

– If you have a high level of combat power, you’re more likely to be conscripted into this battle.

– If the building level is high, even the leader hero who is placed in a building other than the barracks can be conscripted into the war.

– The total conscription target is proportional to the size of the resources supplied to the faction.

What is the vote?2022-09-30T18:19:56+09:00

You can get a vote ticket in the war results every day. And you can use these voting tickets while you prepare for tomorrow’s war.

Voting is necessary to determine the strategy below.

– In battle simulations, Voting to determine the deployment of faction army

– In battle simulations, Voting to control the proportion of resources supplied by players

– In battle simulations, Voting to determine the cost of production of Minion soldiers

– On the Battlefield map, Voting to determine the land to conquer

What is the battle simulation?2022-09-30T18:33:00+09:00

“Reta War” is an automatic daily battle.
This is a precise combat simulation, which is conducted once a day (PM10:00~PM12:00UTC).

The size of the troops conscripted into this battle is proportional to the size of the resources supplied to the factions during the day.
– Simulation computers produce army using the same proportion of Ore, Wood, and Food supplied to the faction. This army includes NFT heroes of players.
– NFT heroes conscripted into combat automatically perform battles based on their abilities, and players cannot control their heroes.
– The simulation computer gives additional combat buffs depending on Morale’s level supplied to the faction.

Battle simulator 1.0 displays text-based combat records.
Battle Simulator 2.0 displays Unreal 4 based graphic combat records.

How can I earn tokens for profit?2022-09-30T18:33:30+09:00

– You can sell your natural resources (Ore, Wood, Food) to the marketplace and get GRT immediately.

– Every day at 12:00 PM UTC, GRT is provided at the end of each battle in return for daily war contributions. You need to supply resources to acquire GRT.

– Once a week, you can earn a RETA on the ranking leaderboard. This leaderboard is determined by your supply ranking of resources.

Are there separate communication channels for each Faction?2022-09-30T19:05:07+09:00

We have no plans to make it, and the faction channel we have released on Discord is open to all. In Reta Wars, voting communication is an action that affects actual revenue. And we know that private faction communities are important in strengthening their profitable interests. we think that more of those external communities should be created.

If you’re concerned about being exposed to the risk of ‘out-of-game’ spies from the public Faction channel chat, you need to explore the Faction community to discuss ‘profitable strategies’ with you.

Yes, someone will find a chance at this very point. This is because a strong faction community will be a ‘profitable power’ in itself. And we think this is the real starting point for DAO. It must be outside our control, and it must be driven by the community.

This is one of our policies to ensure the interests and autonomy of the community. Indeed, we have no plans to control individualized faction communities, and on the contrary, we will support them to grow further.


Is this a free to play game?2021-12-18T13:03:51+09:00

No, this is not a free game.
Today, many P2E games generate a lot of cherry pickers and abuse in the process of distributing free revenue to acguire users. We are aware that this can be a risk that disrupts the ecosystem of existing players.
We believe that one of the most important things in Play-to-Earn games with NFT is to work for the benefit of the holder. So, in order to Play-to-Earn in Reta Wars, every player must have at least 1 NFT Hero.

What type of game?2021-12-14T14:24:58+09:00

This game is a Game-Fi that aims to achieve good results by forming and managing one’s own army made of NFT assets. It contains elements of strategy simulation to foster and deploy key NFT assets, and to obtain greater rewards if the country you belong to wins the war. Sometimes, the best strategy for the country’s victory may be decided in cooperation with other people.

How much does it cost to play the game?2021-12-14T14:29:41+09:00

There is no charge for play itself, but at least one NFT Hero is required to use the core features of the game. And $RETA can be used to make your NFT assets stronger.

What platforms does the game run on?2021-12-14T14:29:57+09:00

Most functions can be handled by a web browser. And one of our 2022 roadmap schedules, the massive battle (a.k.a Reta War) simulation, will require a dedicated launcher.

Is it new player friendly?2021-12-14T14:30:09+09:00

Reta wars is a game that is simple and intuitive, but makes you think about better choices. We will provide as much information as possible to help commanders make decisions.

When will we see a trailer or teaser?2021-12-14T14:30:22+09:00

Q1 2022, when launching the marketplace and NFT hero compound.

Do need a highend phone to play the game?2021-12-14T14:30:49+09:00

Reta war is a carefully calculated simulation based on the combat power and resources of NFT heroes. We are preparing to operate according to the device in various specifications.

Will new players need to know about blockchain to play the game?2021-12-14T14:30:59+09:00

No, an understanding of blockchain would definitely be of great help, but an understanding of blockchain shouldn’t be the qualification of the game. We are carefully preparing to avoid confusion by those who have no understanding of blockchain.

Can make multiple accounts?2021-12-14T14:31:26+09:00

It is limited to one account per one wallet adress. so You can have multiple accounts for multiple adress. However, Reta Wars is designed to perform best when nurtured by focusing on one account.

What can do with NFT Hero?2021-12-14T14:31:48+09:00

Now: Heroes acquired during the pre-sale period that can be staked to earn $RETA in advance. (hashrate depends on the hero’s grade.)
Next: NFT Heroes are a key asset for P2E revenue in Reta Wars. All content that produces resources and participates in war requires a hero. A hero can only focus on one thing at the same time, so if there are many heroes, there will be a lot of things that can be done. If you want to know more about the hero’s role, check out our #guide.

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