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Is this a free to play game?2021-12-18T13:03:51+09:00

No, this is not a free game.
Today, many P2E games generate a lot of cherry pickers and abuse in the process of distributing free revenue to acguire users. We are aware that this can be a risk that disrupts the ecosystem of existing players.
We believe that one of the most important things in Play-to-Earn games with NFT is to work for the benefit of the holder. So, in order to Play-to-Earn in Reta Wars, every player must have at least 1 NFT Hero.

How does presale work?2021-12-18T20:50:19+09:00

Pre-sale NFT can be purchased with Binance stableCoin($BUSD).
A total of 10,100 heroes will be distributed during the pre-sale period. 100 heroes will be used as referral rewards, and 10000 heroes will be sold to Pre-sale participant.
The Hero starts with a value of $200 at the start, and the price increases little by little as the remaining quantity decreases. The final price when all stocks are exhausted is $500.
A player can purchase one hero per transaction, And you can have up to 100 heroes.
This is to prevent damage caused by sudden price increases and to give all players an equal chance. The pre-sale can be accessed through the pre-sale page, which will be released on our website on December 26, 2021.

※ The price range from $200 to $500 is only applicable to the pre-sale NFT. After staking ends, NFTs that will be sold from Q1 2022 will have different pricing policies.

Why buy with $BUSD instead of $RETA?2021-12-18T17:22:16+09:00

As many of you know, all tokens are highly volatile in the early days. Sometimes, due to the powerful pump & dump, early adopters suffer more than latecomers. This risk is even greater during the pre-sale period as demand soars.
In order to reduce the risk that players looking forward to our game will have, we have adopted $BUSD coin which provides low volatility for pre-sale.
This is to protect early adopters from liquidity risks, and is part of a plan to make the $RETA ecosystem more secure.

Are there any restrictions on NFT purchases?2021-12-18T17:24:32+09:00

There are currently two rules:
1. One person can own up to 100.
2. You can purchase one hero per transaction.

However, this is a temporary condition for the smooth progression of the game initially . 100 Hero limit will be expanded flexibly according to future needs.

When will NFT sales stop?2021-12-18T17:43:37+09:00

Presale: Sales stop when 10000 Heroes are sold out. The $RETA allocated to our staking pool will only be given to Heroes sold during this period.

After 1Q 2022: When the Marketplace and Hero Level-UP system are released, the Shop will support random Hero purchases.
You will be purchasing using $RETA, The sale of NFT Heroes will not stop.

Here’s why sales aren’t going to stop.
– Heroes have a natural burning effect as they are used as level-up materials for other heroes.
– And, high-level heroes have special values that cannot be obtained from the shop.
– finally, We are planning a system in which the Heroes purchase price is flexibly adjusted according to the total amount of NFT issuance.

Can I trade the acquired NFT Hero right away?2021-12-18T17:44:00+09:00

We will open the marketplace as soon as possible after the end of the pre-sale.
And within the first quarter of 2022, we plan to unveil the Level-up system for NFT Heroes.

What type of game?2021-12-14T14:24:58+09:00

This game is a Game-Fi that aims to achieve good results by forming and managing one’s own army made of NFT assets. It contains elements of strategy simulation to foster and deploy key NFT assets, and to obtain greater rewards if the country you belong to wins the war. Sometimes, the best strategy for the country’s victory may be decided in cooperation with other people.

Can I play yet?2021-12-14T14:25:17+09:00

Reta Wars is in development. We have recently successfully completed our private sale, and we are currently preparing for a pre-sale. Marketplace and Compound NFT Hero will be introduced in Q1 2022.

When is the game playable?2021-12-14T14:29:26+09:00

In Q1 2022, we plan to open a market where NFTs can be traded, and release Compound that can make NFT heroes stronger. In the second quarter of 2022, the production facilities will be unveiled. If you are curious about our next plans, please feel free to check out our white paper.

How much does it cost to play the game?2021-12-14T14:29:41+09:00

There is no charge for play itself, but at least one NFT Hero is required to use the core features of the game. And $RETA can be used to make your NFT assets stronger.

What platforms does the game run on?2021-12-14T14:29:57+09:00

Most functions can be handled by a web browser. And one of our 2022 roadmap schedules, the massive battle (a.k.a Reta War) simulation, will require a dedicated launcher.

Is it new player friendly?2021-12-14T14:30:09+09:00

Reta wars is a game that is simple and intuitive, but makes you think about better choices. We will provide as much information as possible to help commanders make decisions.

When will we see a trailer or teaser?2021-12-14T14:30:22+09:00

Q1 2022, when launching the marketplace and NFT hero compound.

Do need a highend phone to play the game?2021-12-14T14:30:49+09:00

Reta war is a carefully calculated simulation based on the combat power and resources of NFT heroes. We are preparing to operate according to the device in various specifications.

Will new players need to know about blockchain to play the game?2021-12-14T14:30:59+09:00

No, an understanding of blockchain would definitely be of great help, but an understanding of blockchain shouldn’t be the qualification of the game. We are carefully preparing to avoid confusion by those who have no understanding of blockchain.

Can make multiple accounts?2021-12-14T14:31:26+09:00

It is limited to one account per one wallet adress. so You can have multiple accounts for multiple adress. However, Reta Wars is designed to perform best when nurtured by focusing on one account.

What can do with NFT Hero?2021-12-14T14:31:48+09:00

Now: Heroes acquired during the pre-sale period that can be staked to earn $RETA in advance. (hashrate depends on the hero’s grade.)
Next: NFT Heroes are a key asset for P2E revenue in Reta Wars. All content that produces resources and participates in war requires a hero. A hero can only focus on one thing at the same time, so if there are many heroes, there will be a lot of things that can be done. If you want to know more about the hero’s role, check out our #guide.

What’s the difference between the Shop and Marketplace?2021-12-14T14:38:52+09:00

SHOP: Purchase a randomly generated NFT Hero. Don’t know rarity or ability before buying.
Marketplace: A P2P marketplace where you buy from other players. Check carefully the ability of the rarity of the NFT hero the seller has and pay for it.

Have any other assets besides NFT Heroes?2021-12-14T14:39:31+09:00

1. Weapon that the hero can equip,
2. Lands that can enhance production facilities,
3. Skins that change the appearance of the hero are scheduled.

All of these have the value and function of NFT assets. However, these will not diminish the value of the NFT hero.

Which wallet will use?2021-12-14T14:39:45+09:00

We support various wallets: Metamask, TrustWallet, and Walletconnect.

What can buy at the market?2021-12-14T14:40:09+09:00

At this stage, only NFT heroes can trade. Weapons, skins, and LAND will be revealed sequentially.

Can upgrade multiple NFT Heroes at the same time?2021-12-17T11:00:20+09:00

Sure. But it won’t be easy. Sometimes careful choices will be required.

Are NFT Heroes taken from a predetermined pool or are they created randomly?2021-12-14T14:42:31+09:00

All grade and abilities are randomly generated when purchased through the shop.

Can I choose the rarity I want to buy in the shop?2021-12-14T14:42:49+09:00

No, if you want something, get it by trading with people in the marketplace.

Can I see my NFTs inside Wallet?2021-12-14T14:43:33+09:00

You can access Reta wars’ private web inventory using your current web browser or any other dapp browser.

Is there a way to check if I am whitelisted?2022-03-28T09:56:44+09:00

If your name color on Discord is purple, it means you have been granted the WL Commander role.

I’m whitelisted. What should I do now?2022-03-28T09:57:12+09:00

Get ready for a whitelist sale. In the whitelist sale, you can mint 2nd Sale NFTs at 150BUSD each. (up to 4)
So, it is enough for you to have as much BUSD as you need and a very small amount of BNB for gas.

Is there no other authentication process required?2022-03-28T10:15:48+09:00

No need. We have already collected the wallet addresses of whitelisted commanders, We will give you a whitelisted ticket to that address.
So when the sale starts, link your wallet to the sale page, and your available tickets will be displayed automatically.

The wallet addresses we will whitelist are collected in the following way.

(1) If you win at Gleam Airdrop: The BSC wallet address you submitted when you applied for the event will be whitelisted.

(2) If you are a winner in Youtuber partnership: The BSC wallet address you submitted to the creator when you applied for the event will be whitelisted.

(3) Discord 4 Invite Event: We have collected wallet addresses by the March 26 submission deadline from a separately prepared whitelisted verification channel. Commanders who do not submit their wallet addresses within this deadline will be disqualified from whitelisting.

When can I enter the sale?2022-03-28T09:59:31+09:00

2nd Presale: Whitelist – (March 28th 12:00 PM UTC)
From March 28th 12:00 PM UTC – the first schedule, the Whitelist Sale will start.
Whitelist sale Tickets will automatically be credited to the wallets of whitelisted commanders. You can check it out on the sale page. These tickets are issued in sets of 4 each. Therefore, the number of NFTs a wallet can purchase is limited to a maximum of 4 NFTs.
Commanders can use whitelist sale tickets to get a random NFT Hero for 150BUSD. And this ticket is automatically deducted by 1 for every NFT purchase.
The whitelist sale ends when the public sale begins. Whitelist tickets not used by this time will be deleted. And unsold NFTs are added to the public sale.

2nd Presale: Public – (March 30th 12:00 PM UTC)
The public sale starts with 500 NFT + unsold on the whitelist sale.
Any commander can purchase a random NFT Hero for 250BUSD without any restrictions. This means that we do not ask for anything related to the ticket to purchase. However, there are not many prepared numbers, so the purchase may be competitive. Finally, all NFTs not sold in the public sale will be burned after a certain period of time.

I won the airdrop. What should I prepare?2022-03-28T10:00:09+09:00

A whitelist airdrop ticket is automatically issued to the wallet of the airdrop target.
You can mint a random hero by paying 0BUSD.
Therefore, it is sufficient to prepare BNB to be used for gasfee in advance.

Can I trade NFTs in Reta Wars?2022-03-28T10:00:32+09:00

Of course, here is a marketplace for NFTs from Reta Wars.

Can I immediately trade NFTs acquired in the 2nd pre-sale?2022-03-28T10:00:48+09:00

No, you can’t trade right now. As we explained in our last announcement, the 1st NFT and 2nd NFT are currently in different contracts.
We will upgrade the new marketplace on the contract where the 2nd NFT is located. It won’t take long.

1st? 2nd? What is the criterion to distinguish the order of NFTs?2022-03-28T10:01:01+09:00

1st NFT is an NFT that has been sold since December of last year.
– Tyrion (Combatant male)
– Beyonce (Lumberjack female)
– Hoober (Miner male)
– Angelica (Farmer female)

2nd NFT refers to new heroes that will be revealed starting March 28th.
– Glados (Miner female)
– Klose (Lumberjack male)
– Olivia (Combatant female)
– Dave (Farmer male)

I missed the whitelist. Can’t participate in the sale?2022-03-28T10:01:57+09:00

The public sale (which starts on March 30th) is open to everyone.
Any commander can purchase a random NFT Hero for 250BUSD without any restrictions. This means that we do not ask for anything related to the ticket to purchase. However, there are not many prepared numbers, so the purchase may be competitive. Finally, all NFTs not sold in the public sale will be burned after a certain period of time.

What is GRT Airdrop?2022-03-28T10:03:29+09:00

GRT is a community token used in Reta Wars; it is used to level up heroes and upgrade buildings. While the demand for GRT is very high in the early days of a game release, how it can be obtained are very limited. So, we plan to airdrop GRT, a game community token, to protect users from sudden price fluctuations in the early game and to help them settle more stable in the early game.

By default, 40 GRT is airdropped for each 1st Presale NFT owned by the commander. However, commanders with more than 20 primary NFTs will receive more powerful additional benefits.

– 5 or more 1st NFTs: +5% Bonus GRT
– 10 or more 1st NFTs: +10% Bonus GRT
– 20 or more 1st NFTs: +50% Bonus GRT
– 30 or more 1st NFTs: +80% Bonus GRT
– 40 or more 1st NFTs: +90% Bonus GRT
– 50 or more 1st NFTs: +100% Bonus GRT

※ The snapshot timing of the GRT airdrop is also a secret, and it will be held at the same time as the 1st NFT holder reward. Therefore, if you have distributed and stored NFT heroes in multiple wallets, you should start thinking deeply again.

※ The GRT airdrop is performed twice, and this is an explanation of the GRT airdrop given to the 1st sale NFT. We’ll be airdropping GRT to anyone who holds a 2nd sale NFT, but different rules apply to that. We will be announcing the 2nd NFT’s GRT airdrop policy in April.

Can’t stake 2nd pre-sale heroes?2022-04-03T01:49:41+09:00

Staking was a benefit offered to holders in the early days (December of last year) and has now ended.

Heroes obtained from the 2nd pre-sale do not receive staking benefits, but their prices have been adjusted to be reasonable. (360→250BUSD)
And the 2nd pre-sale hero will receive direct GRT airdrops when the game is released. That means it won’t be long before the game’s release, and the 2nd pre-sale hero provides a clear benefit to getting the game ready in advance.

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