The results of the recent war

The results of the recent war

Hello, Commander!

The commander will want to continue to participate in Reta War and get more information about the war. We want to talk about a system that will help with this. This is the Recent Result. You can get information about the recent results of Reta War through this guide!

Recent Result

You can go to Recent Results from the Reta War menu to receive details of the last Reta War and rewards for your contribution to the war. There is one thing to keep in mind when you use Recent Results.

You cannot use the Recent Result menu from 10:00 AM (UTC) to 12:00 PM (UTC) when Reta War is held. After the war, the Recent Result menu is updated and you can receive compensation for the war from this time.

▲ You can check the outcome of the war at the Recent Results.

Recent Result UI

This is the screen that you can see when you access the Recent Result. We’ll take a quick look at the UI displayed on this screen.

Recent Battle Results: You can see the consequences of the recent war. Here you can see the factional wins and losses and you can check the Reta War results up to a week.
Recent Strategic Vote Results: You can see the faction winning or losing the Strategic Vote. You can see the results of your vote above the strategic voting results of the factions and you can compare them.
Recent Battle Spy Records: You can see factional spy levels and Spy’s activity. The higher the level of spy, the more active the spy is.

Recent Battle Contributions: You can see the number of resources, ranking, and compensation GRT you applied to your faction in the last war.
Voting Rights and Compensation GRT: Shows you the right to vote as much as you contributed to the last war. You can get compensation GRT for the war and random fragments here. The number of GRTs you receive and the probability of Fragment depends on the degree of contribution you have fought.

Details of recent war results: You can check the details of the last war by faction. You can check the figures of heroes and resources and the effects of buffs here, and analyze the consequences of the last war. If you lost the last war, analyze and supplement the results, establish a new strategy!