Get ready for Reta War!

Get ready for Reta War!

Reta War

Reta War occurs every day, and the commander can support the war for your faction every day. In general, the daily war reward pool is more allocated to the winning faction. In other words, if your faction wins, you will be rewarded more. If you prepare well for war, your faction’s chances of winning the Reta War increase.

Ready for Battle

Commanders can prepare for war through Ready For Battle in the Reta War lobby. The war lasts for two hours from 10:00 AM(UTC) to 12:00 PM(UTC) every day. Before the war begins, the commander can check how many troops and resources have gathered in your faction here and estimate the ranking and rewards.

Battle Time and Morale Status
This displays the time of the next war and the current Morale status. Morale status is determined by the amount of strategic resource ‘Morale’ supported by the faction to which the commander belongs. The more morale supplied, the higher the Morale status level. Heroes receive attack buffs at Reta War, depending on the Morale status. If the Morale status level of the faction increases, the faction’s forces will receive more attack buffs. The Morale status is initialized every day at the end of the war.

Spy Activities
Displays its current spy level. The spy level is determined by the amount of ‘Military secrets’, a strategic resource supported by the faction to which the commander belongs. As the spy level rises, it provides special information to commanders belonging to the faction. When commanders come up with a strategy for Reta War, spying will help a lot. In other words, spying is also an important part of Reta War. Sometimes they steal resources just before the start of the battle or weaken the enemy’s attack during the battle. Spy levels are reset daily at the end of each battle.

This is a vote that allows you to set up a strategy in Reta War. Commanders can vote here on Deployment, Management, and Leadership. If your faction wins the vote, your faction has an advantage in Reta War. You can find out more about voting in the voting guide.

My Supply
This is the resources that the commander supplied to your faction before Reta War began.

Total Supply Rate
This displays the Total Supply Rate of the faction to which the commander belongs. This is displayed only as a percentage, not as an absolute value, to prevent fraud by multiple accounts. In Reta War, the same resources are consumed for your faction to produce an army. For this reason, it is important for you to view your faction’s Total Supply Rate and strategically support resources.

Estimated GRT Ranking
This is the expected ranking of the commander’s contribution to your faction in this Reta War. Since the resources supplied by the commander affect the GRT that the commander can receive after the Reta War ends, you can check the approximate GRT compensation by looking at these figures.

Estimated Win GRT Reward
Here is the GRT that you will receive if the commander wins this Reta War. But if your faction loses in Reta War, it will be rewarded lower than expected GRT here.

Reta War’s Rewards

You can get GRT and fragment as much as you contribute to the daily Reta War. You can check the war results guide and the Fragment guide in detail.

We record and aggregate the war contributions of our commanders every day. This is aggregated into a week’s ranking and can be rewarded with RETA according to this ranking. You can check the details of this compensation in the Ranking Guide.