Visit the Marketplace

Visit the Marketplace

Hello Commanders!

Today, we’d like to introduce you to the ‘Marketplace’ in Reta Wars, a hub for trading various in-game resources. This spot plays a pivotal role in most economic activities within Reta Wars.

You can also buy stronger heroes here or buy soul for hero level up. Or you could sell the heroes or resources you have to get RETA and GRT. The better you use the marketplace, the stronger you will get and contribute to the faction’s victory.


Entry to the Marketplace is available through the ‘Market’menu. Here, you can trade heroes and resources using Reta Wars’ tokens, ‘RETA’ and ‘GRT’. More information about tokens can be found in the Token Guide.

Structure of the Marketplace

1) Hero Tab

At the Hero tab within the Marketplace, Commanders can both purchase and sell NFT heroe (or Junior NFT).

All NFT transaction happen using RETA. A 10% fee is incurred when a hero is purchased or sold on a marketplace, and a 5% fee is set aside in the pool for weekly ranking rewards.

You can take a closer look at NFT using the following buttons on the marketplace’s Hero tab.

You can check the NFT purchase and sales records through this button.
You can sort by rarity, major, registration time, and price through this button.
You can check only NFT Hero (or Junior NFT) registered in the market through this button.
You can refresh the market through this button.
You can check the NFT’s Stat and Skill without clicking on the NFT through this button.

2) Soul Tab

You can sell or purchase Soul on the marketplace Soul tab.

In Reta Wars, soul is used when trying to level up to make a stronger hero. For more information on the hero’s level up and the use of soul, you can find it in the level up guide.

Just like in the Hero tab, the Soul tab also allows sorting by rarity, registration time, and price. Additionally, you can use buttons to review purchase/sale records or refresh market listings.

3) Resource Tab

You can buy or sell resources such as Ore, Wood, and Food on the Resource tab of the marketplace.

The resources registered in the marketplace are displayed separately according to their factions. Trading with opponents in Reta Wars will not be easy. If you purchase the resources of the opposing forces despite the daily war against other forces, you will have to pay 2% more than the existing price to purchase the resources!

4) Soul Flower Tab

You can purchase Soul Flower at the marketplace’s Soul Flower Tab.

Soul Flower can collect 100 soul flowers and combine them with Soul of the same rare degree. In addition, when fostering junior NFT, Soul Flower with the same rarity as junior NFT can be used to step up to the next step.

5) Item Tab

You can purchase or sell other items in the inventory on the Items tab.

The list of items that commanders can trade on the Item tab includes the Weapon Bluerprint Fragment, Doll (Hero/Junior), Promotion Scroll, and Junior Manual by Major.

How to Sell in the Marketplace

1) NFT Sales

If you want to sell an NFT to a marketplace, first of all the NFT must be outside your territory. If the NFT is inside your territory, you should dismisson the hero placed in the building and leave NFT out of your territory.

If you dismiss your NFT at the buliding, you can now send the NFT out of your territory. At this point, you must pay a small amount of gas fee to send the NFT out of the territory.

2) Selling Other Items

If you want to sell other items besides NFT such as Soul, Soul Flower, Resource, and Promotion Scroll, you can click on the bottom button of the marketplace and register the item.


▪ You can sell up to 3 items per Tab in the Marketplace, excluding NFT.

▪ Should an NFT you’ve registered in the Marketplace be sold, you will be notified in-game.

▪ Items (excluding NFTs) that you register for sale in the Marketplace will become available for other commanders to purchase only after 60 seconds. If you choose to cancel a registered item, you must also wait 60 seconds before you can do so.