Visit the Marketplace

Visit the Marketplace

Hello, Commander!

In Marketplace, you will be able to do various exchange activities within Reta Wars. Sometimes, you can make a profit by selling resources to marketplaces, or you can level up by purchasing a strong hero. This means that the better you take advantage of the market, the better you gain from Reta Wars and have a strong army.


Commanders can purchase or sell hero, junior, soul, resources, and fragments here. When you make a sale or purchase, you can use Retaverse’s governance token, RETA, and Reta Wars in-game currency, GRT, for all activities in the market.

NFT Hero and Junior NFT

1) Buy NFT Hero or Junior NFT

In order for you to purchase NFT hero or junior NFT in the market, you can purchase heroes and juniors sold by other players in the market by paying RETA.

In addition, we made it possible to view heroes or juniors by grade, job, hour, and price for the convenience of the commander, and the commander can click View Detail to check the hero’s ability comfortably.

2) Sell NFT Hero or Junior NFT

The commander must first send the hero or junior you have out of territory to sell the hero or junior to the market. At this time, you have to pay a small gas fee. The hero sent out of the territory can be sold in the market, and you can sell it to the market by presenting a suitable RETA.

When you sell NFT hero or junior NFT, a small amount of RETA is paid as a fee. Half of this fee goes to Reta Wars’ Staking Pool. Fees from the Staking Pool are used for RETA Staking, which you can find in detail in the RETA Staking Guide.

Souls, Resources, Fragments

1) Buy Souls, Resources, Fragments

Commanders can pay a certain amount of GRT in the market to purchase soul, resources, and fragments. You can also check by hour, price, class of soul, type of resource, and type of fragment when you trade soul, resource and fragment.

But as you know, the two factions of Talos are fighting wars every day and maintaining a confrontational relationship. This affects when you trade resources. When you purchase resources from other factions, you have to pay an additional 2% fee.

2) Sell Souls, Resources, Fragments

Commanders can sell soul, resources, and fragments in the Marketplace. You should display the sales window by clicking the sales button located at the bottom of the market page. You can select the soul (or resource and fragment) you want to sell in the Sales window and present the appropriate GRT.

A small amount of GRT is paid as a fee when you sell soul and resources and receive GRT compensation. This will be moved to the Staking Pool and paid as a reward for RETA Staking. Fees from the Staking Pool are used for RETA Staking, and similarly, you can check this out in detail in the RETA Staking Guide.