The Battlefield of Reta War

The Battlefield of Reta War

Hello, Commander!

Today, we will introduce Battlefield, where the Reta War is underway. Battlefield is a place where you can tell the progress of the Reta War and get a variety of beneficial effects from the commander. It is made up of various lands, and the commander has different kinds of effects on each land. This is why the Battlefield Conquest vote in Reta War is bound to be very influential. This guide will help you prepare for the Battlefield Conquest vote.


Battlefield means the land that the commander and your faction will conquer in battle. This is determined by voting that you can do until 10:00 AM (UTC) every day before the start of the war. More information can be found in the voting guide.

You can go to Battlefield Map on the Reta War menu and see the map fighting Nate and Gaia.

▲ You can check Battlefield on the Battlefield map

Conquering Battlefield

This is a factional map that you can go to Battlefield Map and view. You can understand the situation of Reta War through the following factors.

Weather: You can see the current weather in Battlefield. If you click, you can view the current weather, the record of the weather four days ago, and the weather forecast four days later. You have to remember that the forecast for the future is not 100%, but a forecast.
Battlefield: You can see the Battlefield that is currently occupying. You can click on the tile to find out the detailed figures of the buffs on the tile. And you can see the tiles that the faction have taken over.
The factional status window: You can see the numbers of buffs that the factions currently have and the cost of producing troops.
Vote Conquest: You can vote to conquer Battlefield. The factional insignia icon gives you a rough idea of which tiles have a large number of votes.
History: You can see what tiles the factions conquered by date. You’ll be able to strategize what tiles to occupy through Histroy.

Effects of Battlefield Land

The commander already knows that each land in Battlefield has different effects. When your faction conquers the land of Battlefield, all the players of the faction can get all the effects of the land they conquer. But remember this. The more your faction conquers land, the higher the cost of your faction producing heroes in Reta War. In other words, conquering factional land does not necessarily lead to factional victory.

Morale Buff: Buff affecting Morale production in Barrack within the commander’s territory.
Mining Buff: Buff affecting Ore production in the Mine within the commander’s territory.
Logging Buff: Buff affecting Wood production in Lumbermill within the commander’s territory.
Farming Buff: Buff affecting food production in Farm within the commander’s territory.
Discovery Buff: Buff that affects the piece that the commander will receive as a reward for Reta War. The faction with more land has a higher buff regardless of the outcome of the war and this will allocate more fragments to your faction.

Policing Cost: Buff that affects the cost of a factional hero joining the war in Reta War. Battlefield’s land basically has policing cost, so the more your faction conquers land, the higher the cost of hero involvement in Reta War.

Battlefield history

Throughout Battlefield’s history, the commander can see how Battlefield has progressed. You can see the full history of Reta Wars Battlefield from October 4, 2022 to the present.