Server maintenance for updates!

Server maintenance for updates!

February 16, 2023

Hello, Commander!
New update is coming to Reta Wars Square. This is the attendance and square market update that we talked about in the last roadmap. And we will meet this attractive new reward system on February 21th!

Don’t forget to check this patch note today. One of the best opportunities always starts by checking our official channels faster than anyone else.

Patchnote #1

Square Market
& Junior Manual

Square Market
& Junior Manual

Square Market

Square Market is a new type of market that can be found on the square menu. The commander can enter the square market by clicking the square market button at the top of the square menu.

You can buy food, junior doll, untradeable promotional scroll, and junior manual here by paying for square coins that do not required gas fee. Also, this square market is personalized, and the quantity of all items is limited. Sold out items will be re-stocked after some time.

New Item: Manual

This new item, unveiled through the Square Market, is a manual for Junior’s growth. You can immediately give Junior additional exp by consuming this manual. Normally, it can be purchased for square coins, and you can resell it on the marketplace.

How to use

It’s very easy. Now a new button has been added to Junior’s detail page, and you can click on it and then use the manual. Of course you’ve already noticed this, but the manual is divided into five categories. It is impossible for miners to use manuals made for farmers. And this is the only rule in the Junior Manual.

▲ You can give Junior several manuals at once, and it will give 100 EXP per each.

How can get a square coin?

Currently, the only way to win a square coin is the attendance system that is added together in this update. In the future, various ways to acquire square coins will be added, and simplified fast mode is one of them.

Patchnote #2



Attendance everyday!

Reta Wars’ new reward system attendance appears. You will find a new menu heading to attendance in your profile section. You can check attendance here and get a square coin as a reward.

▲ You can also see a checklist pop-up for today's attendance when you visit the game.

Conditions of attendance

To prove that you are ready to receive the square coin, here are some conditions. But these conditions are very simple, and it’s just to prove that you’re a part of a gamer that’s active in this ecosystem.

  • Staking 100 RETA at least

  • Using more than 4 NFT (including both junior and hero)

  • Finish the strategy vote and the Battlefield conquest vote

And if you’ve cleared all of these conditions, you can finally prove your attendance through prayer. In this process, you will pay 0.01 RETA as a donation and your attendance will be checked successfully.

Reward for attendance

The square coin received as a reward for attendance is a valuable game currency. This is because items updated on the square market are so rare that it is difficult to obtain them in the usual way. In addition, “most” items purchased with square coins can be resold to other players.

Square Coin has the meaning of reward and respect for more passionate gamers, and we plan to add more valuable items to the Square market in the long run.

Additional rewards for Staking holders

One of the significance of square coins is to reward the contributors to this ecosystem. In other words, the RETA staking holder also deserves additional compensation as a contributor to the ecosystem.

So we decided to offer additional perks for attendance to commanders who have staking over 1000 RETA. Commanders who have completed the attendance board for 30 days will receive a special reward for their staking title.

Attendance rule

  • If your staking rating is lowered during attendance, your compensation for attendance on the 30th will also be reduced. In other words, if your staking rating goes down from Duke to Marquess at least once during your attendance process, the Completion reward will also be reset based on Marquess. The completion reward does not change until the Attendance bord is completed or initialized.
  • In order for you to benefit from the Completion Reaward, you must maintain at least a Staking title Viscount.

  • Attendance bord is initialized daily at 12:00 UTC and attendance cannot be completed during Reta War. You must complete your attendance by at least 09:59 UTC.
  • If you missed attendance even for one day, unfortunately Attendance bord is reset immediately and you have to complete attendance again from day 1 and pray.

Patchnote #3

Improving the image
of Hero

Improving the image
of Hero

Finally, the veiled Epic and Legendary heroes will be revealed! As many commanders know, this is a hero with a moving image that distinguishes it from other rarity heroes. You can now see Epic and Legendary heroes with fascinating and vivid movements in Reta Wars.

Low Performance

Typically, these dynamic images contain more data than regular images. If you find these capacities burdensome, consider the “low performance” option. This can be checked by clicking on your nickname.

Patchnote #4

Balancing the system

Balancing the system

Change junior experience when supply resources

Due to the influence of the Junior Manual, the experience values that Junior gets when they supply resources have changed. In general, the junior gained a lot of experience from a minimum of 1 resource supply. Junior now needs to supply a little more resources to gain attractive experience with the resource supply. To get the same size of junior’s experience as before the update, now you need to consider supplying more than 20 resources.

Change in Reta War Reward

  • A new fragment has been added to the war reward box: Junior Doll
  • Weapon blueprint fragment is now paid only to the top 30% of Daily Contribution Ranking.

  • In addition, the quota of weapon blueprint fragment for total fragment compensation pools has been reduced too.

This will take effect after the update on February 21th. Thus, the commander can finally get the war rewards changed from the war results the day after the update.

Server Down Schedule

This update will start on Feb 21, and that includes the server down for maintenance.

Server Down Time: February 21th 10:00 to 12:00 UTC (2 hours)

The time required for maintenance and updates is the expected number. It may end sooner than we expected, or it may be delayed a little. If the server opening is delayed beyond the announced time, we will inform you of the news through the announcement channel without delay.