Spotlight: Gold Rose Token

April 6, 2022

Hello, Commander!

Today we are officially introducing GRT, the currency that will be used in Reta Wars in-game. We will take the time to review the purpose and value of GRT, how to earn it, and the rules for airdrops.

Pay attention! A closer look at this announcement will give you a clear early lead opportunity in the upcoming games.

Tales of Gold Rose

Gold Rose, This is the legacy of the Creator God Reta.
At one time, Goldrose was a symbol of peace and prosperity between the Creator God Reta and humans. But now that Reta is gone, as Gaia and Nate battle to take over the throne of the gods, Goldrose has become a symbol of legitimacy on the throne. Now, humans formed a faction for the gods they followed and started wars. and we call it “Reta War”.

What is GRT?

As you may be familiar with, Reta Wars uses a dual-token system. One is RETA, the governance token of the Reta ecosystem, and the other is Goldrose(GRT), the game currency of RetaWars. In general, GRT is required for the growth of heroes and territories.

For the Hero
Heroes gradually become stronger in all aspects, including resource production and combat power, depending on their level. To level up a hero, you need a Soul of the same rarity as a hero, and an appropriate amount of GRT.

For the territory
Buildings deployed in the commander’s territory can usually be upgraded by paying Ore and Lumber. Buildings increase the maximum number of NFT slots that can be placed, the maximum amount of resources that can be stored, and the maximum amount of resources that can be contributed to a faction depending on the level of the building. Building upgrades usually take a long time, but you can get rid of this time limit by paying GRT. In other words, it can help you grow faster and gain an edge.

Yes, the growth of these heroes and buildings is a necessary action to get higher returns in the game.

How to get GRT?

How you can earn GRT in games is quite limited. Currently, there are only 3 ways to earn GRT.

  • Rewards for your daily war contribution in ‘Reta War’
    (Once per day, paid only for contributing to the war)
  • By trading through DEX (PancakeSwap, etc.)
  • Airdrop to pre-sale NFT holders

Also, the GRT used by the Commander in-game will be burned immediately. Therefore, GRT will be operated as a game currency in which supply and demand are exquisitely maintained despite being a community token.

What does GRT airdrop mean?

In the early days of the game-opening, many commanders will need the GRT. However, the total amount distributed on the market is very small. therefore, Temporary over-pumping may occur as demand outweighs supply. While some may benefit from this phenomenon, it may be a potential hazard to many more. So, by airdropping GRT to pre-sale NFT holders, we will help early entrants to start the game more stably and distribute GRT in the market to stabilize the price.

GRT Airdrop Policy

Therefore, commanders with pre-sale NFTs will receive airdrops of GRT in proportion to the number of NFTs. However, here we decided to apply a different airdrop policy depending on when the NFT was acquired. 2nd Presale NFTs do not have any additional bonuses based on the quantity you have, instead you will get more GRT per one.

When can I get GRT?

Since GRT is the currency that will be used in the game, the airdrop date will also coincide with the game release date. Commanders who have pre-sale NFTs will have a GRT at the start of the game and have a stable start to the game. However, remember that snapshot schedules are permanently blind.