Guide: Let’s trade resources!

July 23, 2022

Hello, Commander!

Today we will learn how to trade resources here. Resources produced by Heroes placed in a Territory are Core Assets. And deciding how to use it is one of the most important roles of a commander.

By investing resources in your territory to upgrade buildings, you can place more heroes in more territory and produce more resources. Meanwhile, if you decide to donate resources to your faction, you will receive GRT based on your contribution. Of course, you can also earn RETA on the weekly ranking leaderboards if you have achieved a high level of contribution.

Here’s another way to utilize your resources. Natural resources such as wood, minerals, and food can be traded with others. You earn GRT by selling your resources to the market.

New Marketplace: Resources and Souls

The new marketplace in Reta Wars allows you to trade the resources you have harvested and the souls you have. We will now see how to trade it.

Resource Exchange UI

This is the screen you see when you enter the new Marketplace.

Let’s take a quick look at the UI shown on this screen.

Market category

When you select each icon, it changes to each market where you can trade NFT heroes, souls, and resources.

Your resources status

The amount of resources you have at the time of purchase and The sum of the amount of resources you want to purchase cannot exceed the maximum.

List of purchasable resources

A list of resources sold by other commanders. You can choose the resource you want to purchase.

Product info

The type and price of the resource registered for sale, the faction of the seller.

When buying resources

You can buy by clicking on the resource you want to buy from the list in the market and entering the purchase quantity. The transaction is completed by paying the GRT indicated on the Purchase button. And here are two simple rules.

1. The limit at which you can buy or sell resources depends on the level of the building. Check the Max Storage of buildings in your territory.

2. Note the color displayed on the listed resources in the market. This indicates the faction of the seller. If you buy from a seller of the same faction, you will only pay the indicated price to buy the resource. However, if you decide to buy something from a seller of another faction, the buyer will be charged an additional 2% fee.

When selling resources

Selling resources is simple. Select the resource you want to sell, enter how many you want to sell, and enter its price per piece (GRT). You will then see the estimated revenue(-10% sales fee).

1. A player can register up to 3 resources for sale at the same time. If you want to sell another resource, you must first cancel the sale of the other registered resource.

2. A registered resource is immediately displayed in the list on the market, but it cannot be traded immediately. Each time a resource is registered, a 60 second countdown will be displayed. This is a mechanism to prevent abusing where multi-account moves resources at an excessively low price.

Soul Trade

Souls, which can be obtained by disassembling NFT Heroes, are one of the new trading tools in the Marketplace. As we all know, there will be lively trades here, as you will definitely need souls and GRT to level up your hero.

If you’re struggling to decide to destroy one of your NFTs to get souls, you can purchase as many souls as you need here. Meanwhile, if you disassemble the NFT and use as many souls as you need, you can sell the remaining souls here to get GRT.

The trading method is the same as trading resources, but there is no additional fee based on the faction.


Will there be a gas fee for resource and soul trading?

No, there is no gas fee for resource and soul transactions. Resources are very frequently traded commodities, so we are well aware that incurring gas fees here can be a burden for players. So we have prepared a separate GRT Exchange. This is a system that deposits the GRT in your wallet into your game account.

When you trade resources or souls, you pay the GRT deposited in your account, so there will be no gas fees. Of course, GRT can be moved to your wallet at any time, and only this will incur a fee.

Is there a market equilibrium policy due to resource trading?

Of course. The economy of the game would collapse in an instant if all players wanted to sell without spending any resources. This has happened to many games so far, and we know a lot of players are worried about it.

Reta Wars has a good balance policy for buying and selling resources. Remember, players who want to get the most powerful and huge profits in the game will need to make a high contribution to become a ranker. Players who wish to become a ranker and earn strong RETA revenue will buy resources, and players who want a small but stable GRT income will sell resources. This means players can set different goals based on their play style and asset level.