Black Friday promotion is here!

Black Friday promotion is here!

November 23, 2023

Hello, Commander!

The annual grand festival of Black Friday is here again, and Reta Wars is celebrating with a special promotion! Check out special promotions related to Black Friday on Nov. 24 and participate in Reta Wars to challenge your lucky rewards. This luck will be a chance for any commander participating in Reta Wars to be the main character.

Promotion Details

Embracing Black Friday, Reta Wars is showered with fortune! After the season including Black Friday (November 24th) ends, we’ll select the year’s lucky stars from the top 100 users in the overall ranking. Commanders with 11 and 24 on the final ranking score are the winners of this promotion. Check out the final score after the season is over!

▲ Ex) Commanders who have achieved a final score incorporating the numbers 11 and 24 are all eligible for the promotion.

Promotion Reward

🔸30 Untradeable Promotion Scrolls

Promotion Target Season Duration

🔸November 22, 2023 ~ November 28, 2023

Winner Announcement

🔸November 28, 2023

Reward Distribution Date

🔸November 29, 2023


▪ The announcement of winners will be updated in the official Reta Wars Discord.

▪ All Top 100 commanders with numbers 11 and 24 in the final ranking are eligible for the promotion’s rewards.

▪ Promotional rewards will be distributed to players’ wallets on November 29.

Please look forward to the Reta Survivor!

This special promotion is a small promotion for all the commanders who truly enjoy Reta Wars. We are pushing forward with updates for Reta Survivor and working hard to bring you a rich mini-game experience. As always, our strategy for survival is to keep moving forward steadily. Please look forward to the upcoming updates for Reta Survivor and the exciting promotions!