Get ready for the
7th Fastmode Championship

Get ready for the
7th Fastmode Championship

September 11, 2023

Hello, Commanders!

In the last 6th championship, numerous commanders showcased fierce competition on the battlefield, elevating their skills and deepening their own strategies. Their performances have been etched in the memories of many commanders in Reta Wars, becoming a tale to tell.

Now, we announce the news of the glorious 7th Fast Mode Championship. The upcoming Championship will take place on September 29th at 10:00 UTC. Check the announcement and prepare for Fast Mode. With this championship announcement, the timer for competition and opportunities starts agin!

What is a Fast Mode Championship?

The Fast Mode Championship is a stage where strong commanders compete with each other’s skills for four hours once every four weeks. To participate in the competition, you need a certain amount of admission ticket, but if you break through the competition and get ranked, attractive rewards will be given to you. Commanders can check the rules and information of the Fast Mode Championship in the guide to compete for a higher rank.

▲ Fascinating Rewards of Fast Mode Championship

Promotion Break Time!

Team Squad and Double Origin have run alongside six championships and have become popular promotions among Reta Wars commanders. However, we are planning to suspend the promotion only for this Fast Mode Championship to proceed with some reviews and checks.

Don’t worry. The suspension of the promotion is this Fast Mode Championship only. After the end of this championship, Team Squad and Double Origin promotions will resume starting with the next championship!

Get ready for the Fast Mode Championship!

The Fast Mode Championship starts at 10:00 UTC on September 29th. A lot of practice will be needed to showcase your strategies and perform well in the Fast Mode Championship. You can prepare for the championship through the guide and test strategies by participating in the Daily Fast Mode. Furthermore, the Square coins you can earn as Daily Fast Mode rewards can help you purchase the entrance fee for the championship. The entry ticket for this Fast Mode Championship can be purchased for 20 Square coins or 200 GRT.

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