Challenge Ranking Rewards!

July 31, 2022

Hello, Commander!

Finally, it is time to introduce our ranking reward policy. This news will be alluring for hunters looking for sustainable Game-Fi, hidden BSCGEM, and enticing and huge rewards. One thing we can confidently say is that Reta Wars’ rewards policy is on a scale you’ve never seen before!

▲ You can find it in the Reta War >> Weekly Ranking section of the game.

▲ Estimated rankings will be determined based on your scores so far.

Ranking: Tons of Reward

You can find the leaderboards on the Weekly Rankings page of the Reta War menu. This is the expected ranking of the weekly ranking.

Wondering what the numbers on this leaderboard mean? Yes, that’s the RETA the player can receive. This huge reward is a representation of what is actually paid to players as a ranking reward after the game opens.

Reta Wars records every player’s war contribution activity and updates it daily. Players can check the time remaining until it is confirmed, along with the flow of fierce ranking competition.

And every Tuesday 12:00 UTC, the official ranking leaderboard for the week ends. At this time, the ranking of players is confirmed, and players can claim RETA according to their ranking. And this is awarded to all players who achieve ‘top 100 for each resource category’.

How is the ranking set?

The ranking system assigns contribution points to players supplied resources, or activity in battle.
Ranking is independent of a player’s faction and only counts how much a player has contributed to their own faction.
Therefore, it will provide greater opportunities and honor to those who do not compromise for victory, who are not afraid to grow and compete.

As you know, contributing to Reta War falls into five categories.
Players can see their contribution scores and rankings for up to 100 people in each category on the leaderboard.

Battle achievement
It records how many combat achievements your heroes have achieved in the ‘Reta War’ simulation, a daily war.

Strategy achievement
Records how much of the strategic resources ‘Morale’ and ‘Military Secrets’ have been supplied. These two resources are always summed.

Ore achievement
It ranks the supply of Ore, a natural resource.

Wood achievement
It ranks the supply of Wood, a natural resource.

Food achievement
It ranks the supply of Food, a natural resource.

And the contribution rank of each category is added up to the final rank in the ‘Total Achievement’ category. Up to 100 rankers will be displayed here. However, even if you do not make it to the top 100 in the overall ranking, you will be eligible for RETA rewards as well if you achieve top 100 in one or more other categories.

The principles of this ranking are simple and honest. Even that’s fair. The reward pool allocated for weekly ranking rewards will be divided into five categories with 20% each, and will be distributed among the players from 1st to 100th place. This means that the 1st player in the battle and the 1st player in the Wood will be assigned a reward of roughly the same size. In addition, the ranking can be achieved repeatedly depending on the performance of the player.

Some players will be able to receive the rewards of 5th in the ore ranking and 11th in the wood ranking at the same time. Meanwhile, some players may choose a strategy that stops all other growth and focuses all their power on one resource. However, the reward given to a strong player who takes first place in several fields at the same time will be huge.

The size of the rewards provided for each category is the same, but the competition rate will be slightly different. Sometimes the price of the resource will also be different. And it is your ability to capture this gap.

About future distribution policy

In order to “actually” pay players this incredibly powerful reward, we envisioned a very rigorous and rigorous tokenomics. And to make this happen, we have prepared a lot of things:

1. As many of you already know, RETA allocated to the reward pool are only used for ranking purposes. This is a very restrained and strict ‘choice and focus’. In fact, the distribution of RETA is quite limited, and always will be. RETA will be rewarded for ‘gamers’ only, not cherry pickers.

2. As we mentioned in the white paper, the team will always share the profits of the ecosystem with players. Half of all trade fees using RETA will refill this reward pool. Therefore, the reward pool will not be exhausted in the future. We just share our profits fairly.

3. Meanwhile, the number of RETA provided in the reward pool will gradually decrease in the future. In the first week of the official opening of Reta Wars, 250,000 RETA will be distributed from the reward pool for ranking rewards. And in the following week, 245,577 RETAs will be distributed for ranking. The distribution structure of the ranking rewards is the same, but the RETA allocated to it means that the amount decreases slightly every week. This is because it takes into account the growth potential of RETA and the expected increase in value in the future.

This is an opportunity for everyone!

Since the rankings promise huge rewards, the competition will be very hot and fierce. Also, In this competition, simply having a large investment will not be a reason to win. This is because the supply of resources has an equal waiting time of 2 hours for anyone, and the limit of resources that can be donated at one time is always determined only by the building level. Therefore, a player who wants to be a real winner will have to produce a lot of resources and spend more than that.

Anyone who wants to be a winner has to focus on the price changes between resources as the war progresses, sometimes gathering people’s opinions to create voting results in their favor. And all this strategy and enthusiasm will surely return to you with a huge reward.