Notice: Our April Roadmap

April 4, 2022

Hello, Commander!

Today is Monday when the first work of the Q2 2022 roadmap begins. A lot has happened in the meantime, and we’ve done our best to go beyond the roadmap. And now, we are continuing to grow. It will be even faster in the future.

Today, ahead of the full-scale game release, we will take the time to check the exact schedules of what has been done so far or promised. On the surface, the main benefits of the 1st pre-sale have ended, and the 2nd pre-sale is proceeding smoothly. But with several simultaneous promotions going on recently, we think commanders will be curious about the exact timeline of everything that’s happening right now.

Today’s announcement aims to summarize and share news about things that are already in progress, or that will happen in April. It may be a simple reminder for some, and for others, it may make them think of new opportunities in the future. Further details on each item will be announced individually.

End of staking schedule

In January 2022, staking, which was revealed as a benefit to 1st pre-sale participants, has finally ended. It means that 2mil RETAs, equivalent to 2% of the total amount of governance tokens, have been distributed to the market.

Now that staking, which used to be the only way to earn RETA, has come to an end, the natural ways to earn RETA will now be quite limited. Commanders will only be able to earn RETAs by selling their NFTs or resources on the Marketplace or by achieving in-game rankings.

As the staking pool has been exhausted due to the end of the official schedule, we are no longer offering RETA rewards. Also, this staking page will no longer be accessible when the game is released, so commanders who are staking NFT/LP will now have to press the ‘Unstake’ button to move their assets to their wallets and be ready to move their contracts.

※ Is there no staking now?
The staking that was offered as a pre-sale benefit has now ended, but the ability to stake RETA will be provided through an update after the game is released. Commanders can earn a share of the fees generated by the game through RETA staking.

※ How about the LP now?
We have been self-supplying an appropriate amount of LP to protect our staking participants from the initial price fluctuations of RETA. That is why most RETA LP are currently being sourced from owner/creator wallets. This is one of the common features of early tokens that still only support DEX trading, and we will keep this LP.

Contract move (April 7~)

As explained in the last announcement, the NFT of commanders who were staking – a.k.a. The 1st NFT is currently on top of the staking contract. And since this contract is only for staking, the commander now has to move the NFTs to the contract ready for gaming. We cannot replace this, and there may be a small BNB gas fee in the transfer course. This is also one of the general characteristics of blockchain.

If the commander has still staked his NFTs, he can no longer get RETAs and cannot move contracts. Therefore, the commander must unstake the staked NFT and move the contract to prepare for the upcoming game. Remember, Commanders with 1st NFT must go through this process before they can join the game contract.

✔️ The UI for transferring unstaking NFTs to the game contract will be released on Thursday, April 7th.

✔️ A small amount of BNB gas fee is incurred in moving the 1st NFT you have to the game contract. Check your wallet’s BNB balance.

✔️ As an alternative to the hassle of gas fee, 1st NFTs can receive a random +1 boost to one of their Stats when they successfully change a contract. And this boost is permanent.

✔️ See “Past Announcements” for more details on this.

1st NFT Holder Reward Ticket
Airdrop Schedule
(April 11~)

Here’s one of the news many commanders have been waiting for. The holder reward airdrop ticket, which is paid as a reward for holding NFTs sold in the 1st pre-sale, will be issued on April 11th.

The reason we didn’t do this earlier was because the 1st NFT is still in the staking contract. When airdrops are paid to the staking contract, there is a fear that commanders will pay extra for unnecessary gas in the long run. Therefore, we decided to deliver the tickets after confirming that the 1st NFT is transferred to the game contract.

The snapshot schedule remains a secret. On April 11th, you can check the final number of tickets you have been issued on the sale page.

Whitelist beta test (March 31 ~ April 14)

As many of you already know, you can apply for the whitelisted beta of Reta Wars 1.0 now. Applications for the beta test close on April 14 and the final list of commanders who will participate in the beta test will be announced on April 18. In addition, we have confirmed that more commanders than expected have applied for the beta service, and we are working to secure as many seats as possible. If you have an NFT Hero and have not yet applied for the beta service, apply now.

RETA Holder Airdrop (March 31 ~ April 21)

The number of RETA holder addresses is increasing through the holder airdrop event, in which commanders with 1,000 RETA or more in their wallets automatically participate in the lottery. On the other hand, holders who have recognized the high growth potential of RETA and have accumulated more RETA can receive additional benefits here. The more RETA you have, the higher your chances of getting lucky in this raffle event. If you haven’t yet entered this giveaway where the winners will be revealed on April 22nd, check here for detailed conditions and odds of winning.

Community Event (April 5 ~ April 19)

The darkest hour is before the dawn. This is true for Reta Wars in April. Time is ticking so fast for the RETA team with the game’s release just around the corner, but we’re not in a rush and we’re going to focus on making the best crypto games.

On the other hand, I think that the commander’s time waiting for the game will pass slowly, unlike us. So, we prepared a small event to make this April even a little more fun. This is a community event on Discord, where you can win event prizes by raising your community level.

The following new ranks have been created for Discord roles: Brigade Commander(Lv.10), Division Commander(Lv.20), Corps Commander(Lv.30).
Levels are usually raised through community activities such as chatting. However, you can easily reach higher levels by introducing Reta Wars to more people or participating in meme events.

And through this giveaway event, the following rewards will be distributed.

  • 20 random level 10 members will win 300 RETA
  • 10 random level 20 members will win 800 RETA
  • 5 random level 30 members will win 500 RETA + 1 NFT Ticket
  • ※ If a player reach level 30, he/she will be eligible to enter all three raffles.

This event runs from April 5th to April 19th. From April 5th, please be the main character of the giveaway on Discord.

Additional news in April

It’s not over yet! We can’t reveal the exact schedule yet, but we’ll keep you posted on what we’re planning to show our commanders during April.

GRT Airdrop Detailed Rules! (in April)

GRT, a community token to be used in the game, is an essential currency for growth in the game, such as leveling up heroes and upgrading buildings. However, since the only way to get this in the game is by participating in a Reta War battle, it will be extremely scarce in the game’s early days. So, we have foretold that we will airdrop GRT in proportion to the amount of NFT they have so that those with pre-sale NFTs can have a more stable and early start in the game.

And unlike the GRT airdrop rate of the 1st NFT, whose detailed conditions have already been disclosed, the GRT airdrop rate of the 2nd NFT is not yet known. And it will be released in early April.

Marketplace 1.5 open (in April)

When the migration process from staking contracts to gaming contracts is finalized, we will be able to open the integrated marketplace. You can trade all your NFTs in one place, no matter when you acquired them. And it will provide more fine-grained filtering compared to the old marketplace. It’s scheduled to open in April, and it won’t be long. When the exact release date is determined, we will publish a separate guide to this New Marketplace.

Reta Wars 1.0 Showcase (in April)

Participating in beta testing is the fastest way to learn about the game and develop an effective Play-to-Earn strategy, but not everyone can play beta testing. So, we will prepare a tutorial showcase that explains the game from start to finish along with actual play screens so that more people can know about the upcoming gameplay. This will give commanders a clearer picture of what Reta Wars 1.0 will look like and into the future.