NFT lottery for RETA holders

March 31, 2022

Hello, Commander!

With the 2nd presale underway, more commanders are interested in Reta Wars than ever before. It’s great to see more and more commanders know who we are, what games we’re making, and what plans we have. That’s why we’ve prepared a lucky gift for holders waiting in support of Reta Wars.

Since our event’s sole purpose is to share good fortune with RETA holders, no special preparation is required for commanders to prepare for this good fortune. This is a lottery event that is automatically entered if you have a RETA, so there is a chance that any commander who has more than 1,000 RETAs in their wallet will be the lucky winner. Meanwhile, holders who have noticed the high growth potential of RETA and have accumulated more RETA can get additional benefits here. The more RETAs you have, the higher your chances of catching your luck in this raffle event.


  • Among those who have more than 1,000 RETAs,
    20 people will be given 2nd airdrop tickets through a lottery
  • March 31 ~ April 21 (3 weeks) blind snapshot
  • Winner Announcement: April 22th
  • Ticket Airdrop: April 25th

Lottery method

The more RETAs you have, the higher your chances of winning are important factors in the event, but if you don’t know how much your odds increase, it can lead to overheated competition. Therefore, we are disclosing how we will draw winners in this event. We will draw 20 draws according to the formula below and announce the final winner on April 22nd.

A / B x 100 = probability of winning (%)
A – RETA you hold
B – Sum of RETA held by all commanders who have not yet won among commanders with more than 1000 RETAs in the snapshot

Reward: Airdrop Ticket

This is a free ticket provided as a reward. Commanders with this ticket can craft NFT Heroes for 0BUSD in the 2nd pre-sale. As with any other ticket, one transaction is allowed per ticket and used tickets are deleted.

Blind snapshot

Snapshot time is not disclosed. This is because our goal is to provide a more focused advantage to real holders than a paper hand or cherry picker. Therefore, we would like to inform you that all rewards Reta Wars delivers to holders will be a blind snapshot.

Does this include LP as well?

As the official LP staking has ended soon, this promotion is only for RETA.

Is this an event for existing holders?

No. This includes all new holders as well as existing holders. Anyone can become a RETA holder.

Can I trade RETA now?

Of course, it’s in DEX now. You can trade directly at PancakeSwap.