Overview: NFT Heroes

December 15, 2021

ⓒReta Wars

Players must choose one of two Faction, then become lords and lead a group of NFT Heroes. Heroes can be placed in production facilities to produce war resources such as minerals, wood and food or they can be sent directly into battle. You can’t directly control the heroes who participated, but you can take a closer look at your hero’s actions in the daily battle results replays.

Heroes with multiple possibilities are a key NFT asset for Reta Wars. All content revolves around the Hero. So you must have at least 1 Hero to play Reta Wars.

  • in a production facility provided equally for all, players can deploy their own NFT Heroes to produce resources such as minerals, lumber, and food.
  • NFT heroes have various stats such as productivity and combat power. NFT Heroes can directly participate in the war and contribute to the victory of the allies.
  • The NFT Heroes you have will be used not only in Reta Wars in the future, but also in other games that will be added to Retaverse.

NFT hero’s rarity is determined according to the probability below when created. You can buy random heroes yourself or trade for them in the marketplace. You can combine heroes of the same rarity to increase their stats, and equip them with weapons to make them stronger.

ⓒReta Wars

Stats & Skill
All heroes have stats, the range of which depends on their rarity. And any hero can be deployed in battles or resource production facilities with no restrictions. Even a Hero with a particularly high logging skill will start working according to his mining skill when he instructs mining. Therefore, Heroes perform best when placed in positions that are appropriate for their abilities.

  • Stats: Vitality, Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Lucky
  • Skill: Combat, Mining, Logging, Farming

More Powerful Hero
There are two ways to make a hero stronger: ‘Weapon’ and ‘Level-UP’.

Weapons are items that greatly increase a Hero’s specific stats, and can be equipped to any Hero. If you fill a hero with a high logging ability with a good axe item, it will show the best logging performance. Even Heroes with weak militant abilities will prove their strength in battle if equipped with destructive weapons. Weapons can be crafted by obtaining a ‘Blueprint’ with a certain probability during the battle reward process, and can be traded on the Marketplace.

If you have a lot of Heroes that you no longer use, or want to boost the abilities of some Heroes, you can opt for Level-UP. It is a way to increase all of a hero’s stats using Gold Rose Token ($GRT) or another Hero of the same rarity. This can make even a low-rarity Hero powerful.