Server maintenance for updates!

Server maintenance for updates!

January 12, 2023

Hello, Commander!
Two amazing updates from Reta Wars are now closer. The new type of NFT “Junior” and Square’s new game mode “Fast Mode” are finally ready to meet you! You will now be able to see all of this through an update on January 18th at 12:00 UTC.

This huge update will now change much of Reta Wars. Check your patch notes carefully and prepare for the future ahead! Reta Wars is a game-Fi prepared for players who seize opportunities from a variety of environmental variables. It has been, and will be!

New NFT: Junior

Junior NFT is coming out! Junior is the new NFT to help you play Reta Wars closer. Junior is a new type of NFT that is easier to hire than a hero. Because the price is only 1/10 that of a hero. Also, their abilities will be only 1/10 that of heroes too.

However, there is a surprising feature to this new NFT. It’s growing with the player’s experience. You can grow your junior through continuous gameplay. You will also be able to learn more about Junior in this guide. Look forward to the day when their steps will eventually be promoted to heroes!

Reta Wars: Fast Mode

Fast Mode is the second mini-game to be added to Reta Wars’ Square. A key feature of Fast Mode is that it compresses most of the game elements you can experience in Reta Wars in a short time. Resources will gather at a tremendous rate, and buildings will be upgraded very quickly. Crucially, the Battle of Reta War happens every hour.

Fast Mode is FREE! In Fast Mode, all players will run from an equal starting line. At the start of each game, the player is presented with 20 new heroes. Of course this is not an NFT and will be deleted at the end of the game. You will also be able to learn more about Fast Mode in this article.

Full patch notes

Full patch notes


  • The formula of power we knew is now passed on to our juniors. In other words, it means that the new power formula will apply to the Heroes. Every hero will now have about 10 times more Power than before the update.


  • Total Power required for building upgrades has increased dramatically. This is related to an increase in the average power of heroes.
  • Building upgrades add new bonuses as levels rise: Additional Junior Exp


  • Allows you to mint a new type of NFT, Junior. Their prices will be affected by all NFT volumes enabled in Reta Wars, just like heroes. But their price always stays at 1/10 of the hero’s.

  • A new scroll tab has been added to the shop. Here you can purchase the promotion scroll you need to promote Junior to the hero.


  • You can now trade junior NFT in the marketplace. Junior is traded by RETA, just like heroes.


  • A filter UI has been added to distinguish between your hero and junior.
  • In My NFT, you can increase your junior’s step or challenge hero promotion. This should be dismissed from the building, just like NFT level-up.


  • The open beta version of the Reta Wars: Fast Mode has been updated. This is a free-to-play mode open for all users. It cannot be played at any time, and it opens the mode for only 7 hours each new start of each game. And at the end of the game, the winners of the leaderboard will be rewarded, and all data will be initialized. The first game of Fast Mode will start at 10:00 UTC on January 19th.

RETA Staking

  • The Staking page now displays the leaderboard. Check out the staking rankings of holders who trust the RETA ecosystem and staking, and their titles!


  • Due to the impact of the junior release, several new items have been added.

    • Junior Doll: A Fragment item that allows you to get a Junior ticket by combining 100 Dolls.
    • Promotion Scrolls: The number of promotion scrolls you have purchase from shop or marketplace is displayed in your inventory.
    • Promotion scroll(X): Promotion scrolls earned as rewards for community events, media partnerships, or fast mode are not allowed to trade. So this is shown separately from the tradable promotion scroll.

Server Down Schedule

This update will start on Jan 18, and that includes the server down for maintenance.

Server Down Time: January 18th 10:00 to 12:00 UTC (2 hours)

The time required for maintenance and updates is the expected number. It may end sooner than we expected, or it may be delayed a little. If the server opening is delayed beyond the announced time, we will inform you of the news through the announcement channel without delay.

Various events are being prepared!

With this amazing update, We are ready to introduce Reta Wars to a wider audience with Crypto influencers and media creators who have formed media partnerships with us. Of course, including events to introduce Reta Wars to various crypto communities. Now we’re going to talk about how interesting our new updates are in various communities!