New Update Sneak Peek:
Fast Mode

New Update Sneak Peek: Fast Mode

January 11, 2023

Good day, Commander!
Finally, We introduce you to the amazing new game mod of Reta Wars. This Sneak peek will give you fresher inspiration for the future. Yes, this mod is about your new profitable opportunity. it’s the Reta Wars: Fast Mode.

Sneak Peek: Fast Mode

Fast Mode is the second mini-game to be added to Reta Wars’ Square. A key feature of Fast Mode is that it compresses most of the game elements you can experience in Reta Wars in a short time. Resources will gather at a tremendous rate, and buildings will be upgraded very quickly. Crucially, the Battle of Reta War happens every hour. In other words, it means that you can experience everything you need to learn in a short time to become a Reta expert!

Feature of Fast Mode

Feature of Fast Mode

※ This article describes what is under development in the alpha phase. All plans are not final versions and may change during the launch phase.

  • Fast Mode is FREE! In Fast Mode, all players will run from an equal starting line. At the start of each game, the player is presented with 20 new heroes. Of course this is not an NFT and will be deleted at the end of the game.

  • Every time a new game in Fast Mode starts, you have to set a new nickname and faction. Of course, this is separate from the nickname and faction you set in Reta Wars.
  • In Fast Mode, you will experience part of Reta Wars’ “economic war” system. This means that most of the gaming system is the same as the real Reta Wars. However, You don’t have much time here! All decisions must be made quickly, and Battle time will come very quickly. 7 days, a season at the Reta Wars, compresses to just 7 hours at Fast Mode. In other words, this mode is about how much you can achieve in just 7 hours.

  • Fast Mode is an independent game mode, apart from Reta Wars. At the end of each game, all data in Fast Mode is deleted, so this mode doesn’t save your play history.
  • Fast Mode trades resources or heroes in a special way. That would be a different way than Reta Wars. (Of course, the actual assets will not be used for this trade)
  • At the end of each game, the rankers on the leaderboard will be rewarded. Don’t worry. Rewards issued from Fast Mode will not damage Reta Wars’ ecosystem. Don’t forget that we are taking every precaution to ensure that the FTP system does not harm the rights of Reta Wars holders.
  • Remember! Since all players started from an equal starting point, the only factor determining the winner of the podium depends on strategy, build and teamwork!



This is the reward that will be given in the first game of the OBT version on January 19th! Fast mode rewards are flexible, and the more players join this exciting competition, the greater the rewards will be.

OBT in Fast Mode is Coming Soon!

In fact, the first idea of Fast Mode started with the suggestion of “Honeydripping,” one of the ambassadors of Reta Wars. He has long wanted to introduce attractive and interesting Game-Fi like Reta Wars to more people. He realized the vision of Reta Wars and Retaverse early on and supported us, but introducing Reta Wars to more people was not easy. In fact, it was because it was impossible for many players who did not have NFT to experience Reta Wars in advance.

The Reta Team also agreed with his opinion and prepared Fast Mode so that more players could experience Reta Wars in advance. We prepared this content with great joy that we can create a better ecosystem with the community.

So we prepared Fast Mode with Junior NFT, and it’s now ready for the Open Beta Test. Look forward to follow-up articles! OBT is about to begin, and we are not stopping to prepare!