JUNIOR: A New type of NFT

JUNIOR: A New type of NFT

January 9, 2023

Hello, Commander!
We introduce Junior, one of Reta Wars’ new NFT types. Junior is the new NFT to help you play Reta Wars closer. We will now check the difference between Two NFT: Junior and Hero, and see how you can play Reta Wars with junior NFT.

New type of NFT:

What is Junior?

What is Junior?


Junior is a new NFT type that reduces everything about hero NFT by 1/10. NFT’s innate abilities: Stats and Skills are equal to Junior and Hero, but Junior’s actual Power is 1/10 of Hero’s.

Junior will be your support so that more commanders can approach the high barrier to play Reta Wars. Because the BUSD needed to mint junior is only 1/10 of a NFT Hero.

Like Hero NFT, you can mint junior NFT in the Shop. The price is always 1/10 that of hero NFT. That means that Junior also has a price increase or decrease in proportion to the number of NFTs generated in the game.

Things that Junior can do

Junior is NFTs in the apprentice stage to become Heroes. So you can play most of the Reta Wars with Junior. In other words, Junior can do everything except participate in the Daily Battle of Reta War. However, Juniors are only apprentices, so they will get different results from heroes.

Growth of Junior

Growth of Junior

The biggest feature of Junior is that they’re the growing type of NFT. While you learn and implement the rules of Reta Wars, Junior builds experience and grows according to your gameplay. After much effort, you will finally see Junior promoted to Hero NFT.


The first impression of Junior NFT that we will meet will be in Step 1. They have 10% power as is known. But one of the important characteristics of juniors is that they can acquire experience and grow.
Junior has 10 growth steps. Each time they meet the experience required by each step, Junior can go to the next step by paying a little bit of soul flower for their rarity. Of course, every time a junior’s step increases, you’ll see their power increase little by little.

▲ The upper left corner of Junior's profile shows their steps and experience. If your experience is full, don't hesitate to click.

▲ Junior who meets the experience requirements can pay for soul flowers and grow to the next step.

Gain EXP

Junior gains EXP by joining the commander’s gameplay. From most of the gameplay elements we know, Junior will get EXP.

  • When you supply resources to your faction, the junior who was deployed in the building gets a 100 EXP. EXP values are distributed equally among all juniors who were placed in the building you supplied resources (1/N).
  • The more resources you supply, the more EXP you get. However, the EXP that can be achieved with a single resource supply cannot exceed a maximum of 300 per junior.
  • Every EXP that Junior gets, it’s proportional to the time they’ve been in the building.
  • If Junior’s HP becomes zero, they cannot acquire any EXP.

Extra EXP

If you want to make Junior a Hero sooner, here’s how they can earn extra EXP.

  • Regardless of whether the level-up is successful or unsuccessful, Junior gains additional experience for each attempt to level up. However, the GRT and soul required for junior level-up are equivalent to the hero NFT.
  • Notice the building in your territory. Building level is related to additional EXP for Junior. For example, If your building level is 10, the juniors deployed there will receive an additional 14% EXP. Of course, the higher the building level, the more EXP bonus there will be.

Promoted to the Hero!

Promoted to the Hero!

Junior’s power will increase according to their step. When Junior gets a lot of EXP and reaches their Step-Up limit of 10, Junior has about 80% of the power compared to the Hero NFT. Finally, if Junior wants to have 100% of the power equivalent of a Hero, they must be ‘promoted’.

Junior NFT will be able to find the [Jr Promotion] button in their profile. This button is always displayed regardless of Junior’s Step. In other words, it is not impossible for Junior to challenge his promotion even when his step is low.

Promotion success rate

Promotion is the only way Junior can be turned into a hero, and once he passes, Junior will finally become a true hero NFT. Of course, you can decide when your junior will be “promoted.” This is because the probability of successful promotion depends on the junior’s step. A junior who has grown to Step 10 can pass the promotion with a 100% chance, but some juniors can also find a shortcut through a low probability.

Promotion scroll

Junior’s promotion requires special items. It’s a “promotion scroll.” You can check the number of promotion scrolls your junior requires when you challenge a junior’s promotion. It has nothing to do with the level or step, and it will depend on Junior’s rarity.

Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
10 15 25 40 60

Make Your Junior a Hero!

Of course, the road to becoming a hero is tough and difficult. But it’s definitely fascinating to be able to grow your junior into a great hero with time and passion. Now Junior will be a new and reasonable option for you!