Announcement: Reta Wars 1.0 Beta

May 27, 2022

Hello, Commander!

We are smoothly preparing for beta testing, and many changes are happening that surprise us. And as you might expect, we plan to start beta testing with a whitelisted commander on May 30th at 12:00 PM UTC. So, in this announcement, we’ll give you an overview of beta testing, some exciting news, and some anticipated questions.

What is Reta Wars?

Reta Wars it’s the story of a war between two factions that face each other every day. And in the course of this war, it is a War-to-Earn game where you can seize opportunities for profit with various strategic choices.

Players must prepare for war by joining either faction to begin the game. Players can obtain resources by staking heroes in buildings in their territory. And players can use it according to their strategic decisions. Can earn revenue by selling resources, harvest more resources by paying resources and upgrading buildings, or supply resources for your own faction to prove yourself in war and earn attractive rewards. This is because the player who belongs to the winning faction in this once-daily battle will receive a greater reward.

Reta Wars is a very strategic Game-Fi. This does not require much time, but everything is not easily predictable. This is not a spreadsheet-like ROI calculator. Reta Wars is a real ‘Game’-Fi with tons of strategic options. To win the war, you must train your spies, use your resources tactically, vote for battle placements, and vote for lands to conquer in tomorrow’s war. The only way to win more wars and dramatically reduce your ROI is for you to become one of the faction’s tacticians in the community.

What can play in the beta test?

Commanders can test content that falls under the following in this test.
– Territory management (Hero deployment and resource harvesting)
– Upgrade Building in the territory
– Resource support to prepare for war
– Strategic voting
– Conquest of Battlefield Land as a result of the war
– Acquiring souls by brake up heroes, and level-up heroes
– Reta War Battle Simulator 1.0
– Aggregation of weekly rankings

Meanwhile, in this beta, you cannot use the marketplace due to the nature of the testnet. (both Heroes and Resources) Therefore, the player’s growth may be somewhat slower. Therefore, the Reta Team has opened a store that can only be used while testing is in progress. Testers can claim a random Hero, GRT, or Random Soul by clicking the Claim button here. And the claim button will be reactivated after 2 hours when clicked.

When will the beta test take place?

This test runs for 2 weeks, from 12:00 PM on May 30th to 12:00 PM (UST) on June 13th.

Yes, that’s right. At this point, one might think that our beta testing schedule is behind our roadmap. As many predict, completeness is the decisive reason our beta is lagging behind the existing roadmap. On our roadmap, we originally planned only to release ‘War Simulator 1.0’, which was part of the original game, but we decided that this would hinder the game’s overall maturity. This is because Reta Wars is organically linked to the entire process, from individual play to war between two factions. Therefore, to prepare a token economy with an accurate reward plan, we have prepared a future development schedule rather than a beta test schedule. So we first developed things like leveling up territory and heroes, which were scheduled to be released in the second quarter, and included them in this beta test. That’s why we’re releasing a more extensive volume beta than we initially expected.

Where and how can I Join Beta?

We will release the testnet RPC and beta test access URL in time for the beta test start date. Just like you added the Binance Network in Metamask, you can add the Binance Testnet Network to your wallet to access the Testnet. However, if you are not whitelisted, this access will be denied.

Who can play the beta test?

All priority is given to the commanders whitelisted in the announcement on April 18th. And And there are also seats for the beta test for the commanders selected through the recently ended giveaway.

As of May 30, unfortunately, all applications for the beta test have ended. Never know when the next opportunity will come, so always listen to our announcement channel.

What NFTs can use in Beta test?

First of all, all NFT heroes that players have in their personal wallets will be replicated on the testnet. And in addition to this, we will give out a total of 16 test heroes (12 commons, 4 uncommons) in bulk. Of course, this is for smooth testing, so it will be deleted when the beta test ends.

Of course, the stats and skills of these heroes, which are given to everyone for testing, are lower and fixed than the heroes the commanders have on the mainnet.

How does the game work?

If you are a beta tester, you can access the test page, choose a faction, either GAIA or NATE, and create a profile. Also you can check your heroes and territories here.

The rules of the game are very simple. It’s just one war a day. A game day will always start at 12:00 PM (UTC). Players can place heroes on their territory and operate them or upgrade buildings with harvested resources. Of course, you must not forget to vote to determine the faction’s war strategy. Finally, players can support their factions with resources. And that’s only possible once every two hours.

On the ‘Ready for Battle’ screen, players can check the status of resources and votes gathered in their faction so far, and check their predicted rankings. If you remember reading the last announcements, you can easily recall it.

And the next day, at 10:00 AM (UTC), two hours before the start of the war, the counting to calculate the war simulation begins. Players can still play most of the game during this time but cannot support resources.

And when 2 hours pass and it is 12:00 PM (UTC) again, the battle result is output. Players will check the performance of the previous war and their ranking and will be rewarded with GRT accordingly. And you can prepare for today’s war again.

What rewards can I get from beta testing?

In Reta Wars, a week is defined as one season, and players are ranked every season. Your rank is determined by how much you contributed each day in the war. And this is broken down by each field.
In the real open game, you will get an attractive volume of RETA as a reward for ranking. However, since this beta test is conducted on the testnet, rankers are provided with profile monuments. This profile will still apply to you when the game is released on the mainnet, the features of this profile image and the benefits of obtaining this image are still unknown. One thing is certain. Limited edition profile images can never be obtained again.
In addition, we plan to provide bug-hunting rewards for the game system and lottery rewards for surveys.

What is the purpose of this test?

Reta Wars is not just a game of picking up pieces of bread by repeatedly climbing the stairs of a given stage. This is a fight between groups and groups to voluntarily earn more. It’s like two DAOs fighting to steal each other’s profits. Therefore, the Reta Team will be the strictest referee ever, keeping the game balanced. The purpose of this test is to fine-tune the reward system and balance of the war, and to obtain data for future commanders to enjoy more exciting battles.