Make sure you are a beta tester!

April 18, 2022

Hello, Commanders!
Today is the day to announce the commanders who will be whitelisted to become beta testers. Many commanders applied to be our first beta testers, and we selected as many commanders as possible who met the criteria. And today, we’re going to tell you about our first beta testing plans, limited edition perks, and what’s next.

Now click the toggle below to confirm that you are included in the beta testers. Since the list is long, press Ctrl+F to find a part of your wallet address.

BSC Address (Last 15 digits)
※Press Ctrl+F to find your address.
A3A7DB85b8Cb2D9 6D450Cb654c3031
3978AF4C226a652 75254Eb8FBb632e
22bbc535AEB56fE 16550CB7351F63D
E8c4DF30055cf00 1B5FDC94879dA7E
B51d2d38A7C724C D11B70773adf467
dFe962fdBD60809 bd3837DD6A7E5a1
078Bc3e2E925237 211c446eF840DAb
56eBd463B3f3A85 4F3E8A2ab23E093
249B9d296025adc CDb0019DCcc021B
405F18B1499C66A 7f7dC3Bad2A6817
b5538B015902788 94434d32b772666
70A5396AEDCc44a 92eD68d3A8d84fA
B1501E5F23Fb2De 00D12762cd57634
68C61593e7849A1 522b936890D92E6
Eb9D5FA6FBd9aa3 e9C132901a16d50
09d66881d178462 C1762bD168F1435
3924B3F005D4325 4F21338657f979C
F7281379D915b05 bbc44Cc3f4EaF7F
dbb2678A2F5458a ef97b5f7aBbeD82
1A40B24EF4FCe2A F97fcD6883900bA
802A5bAB4bdF127 0c2462Da09ED8Bc
3Fbb0Ca6805bE92 df91CbFe6b7196f
77fC6A0Dfa26569 346947F9A36e060
6bdDf48AFe5aC0b 3899741313F5BA4
FEa506A38f09049 CBd08f282b5Dc17
0Fc3F3a7f281972 9F566c11ec3C2FE
c2Bc377E0b12A0c 8385Bd1AA779b1F
814f990c42d1878 9bbb04dE0d410B9
09F4c0FFC090068 8Dcc136B282ad3f
3A93616A32cfc66 A99Be8F44D62E3b
c3Fa47222656d6A 878eaC8648aE84F
C652c0729bEC1B9 E68649E2def11A6
924B0A16F55b8b9 4110F209A44d39e
f79F9060b869059 eC2EE07956eEA66
620d3F7C447630d e7D952a2d6F8ece
f358e10d2957B18 705ef9EC9EBCB88
d636e06f95fC1C0 305B9462aE4F0FC
2DE8b009D52a33a 7d4a9AEC7ce4A2e
5bAB61382b2B5dA c937914916dE86F
Db39C119A9108f3 B7FB74840582e44
B63D4c4F8aBbEc2 383EB57164Bfbf2
f330cA6377903eB FcC04165b9f24Af
9323B66d0fEA917 Cc18773eaa1C513
45e910008E57888 00186511DF2be1D
f61CF6F1AeE9366 777A780D6c412ac
D5e2D2C88d4Df75 0282Ec97c88e00F
D300310De4CbD30 129fC6Eb4dc05c5
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c91Df4B782CDA35 a29f190d88fB14a
83a57ce2C3Bf766 0DaE1db705aCb6E
efA4457401cf563 7A6402795b5B5AB
00BdfC44068f765 3425d08aa6030dF
0Dc8f8B0A551857 dEF10607E417f86
035Db810a775B5F B9470a687F7AF62
FD4cC28A0fbe047 0d31DB47FC92360
08635AB2c5713bB 33d29df65e30e46
221D5e2985fC292 2482B1919332e32
2321B981388EB7B 93D48e83aBA1339
Ad364d9f659b725 ED27A7587247B81
28E895f855e9E55 Ac08892150B9025
Eb3d4a5bdd2E9F9 eaD347CCa25F379
61F5E33a7707694 00CC31f7581924c
b37F2935290aE3d 516388666927752
19025646EAEef56 C766c592937BC52
Ac0E55348608A9D A93096aEBaDAF51
208E1e05776ddc3 F940e3cBa488823
9a8966d2309Fa10 1855C3992C8b1a5
0aE92991927863a 646f564476Ee7B1
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4905cF9A13C32f8 66B735bf35e08C4
d8c6661b40941e5 23517e24e33a076
A82f81A03c149d1 7859AB361fE1736
065C04FD215EA36 8D03471355cDd36
8681180Ce3615cc 3386982C47F74AA
69870B7580Cc984 41Bec3961bf09e3

How does the beta test work?

Commanders will play the beta test version with their own NFT Heroes. And for that, we will clone the wallet addresses of the whitelisted commanders to the test-net. We also plan to assign roles on Discord and provide detailed instructions on how to do this so that commanders can check and prepare for this process.

We are now in the final stages of alpha testing, so that we will be launching beta services soon. Currently, we plan to start beta test play with commanders in early May.

Are there any benefits for testers?

Playing high-quality Play-to-Earn games before anyone else is one of the great benefits. One of the crucial reasons for this belief is that Reta Wars is one of the very few games that have been built for blockchain from the ground up in a blockchain environment.

It means Reta Wars is completely different from a project that just added a token contract to an already developed game resource. It is extremely difficult to avoid token inflation in the level design of a regular game developed with a linear structure. And it was a risk that was seen in many instances, and it was also the trigger that led us to develop a game for the first time on a blockchain.

Reta Wars is a blockchain Game-Fi created only for the Reta ecosystem without recycling existing game resources. This is also one of the reasons why so many experts are paying attention to our project. Therefore, being able to play Reta Wars in advance will be a different experience than just predicting ‘mining points’ in other projects. This experience may be seen as a game-changing opportunity for some strategically minded.

Yes, that’s right. The biggest reward for the beta test we are preparing is the play experience itself. However, we also prepared a gift to commemorate the holders who will participate in this test.

What kind of gift is it?

Names matter when commanders influence battles, votes, or show their presence in the ranking system. It’s not cool that it just shows up as a wallet address like ‘0x%#@$…’. That’s why we use personalized profiles in Reta Wars, unlike other projects.

Therefore, at the start of the game in Reta Wars, the commander will set up a nickname and Profile image to represent himself in the game.

Part of this profile image will be provided to all players as the default. However, some images will be quite difficult to acquire. It can be a reward for a great challenge, or it can be a commemorative to a special occasion.

This includes commanders who have participated in beta testing. This is a commemorative profile image that all players participating in the beta test will receive.

On the other hand, additional rewards are given to rankers with good results. The profile images below will be paid differently according to the ranking achieved by the commanders.

Profile images will be awarded to commanders at the start of the game, based on achievements achieved during the beta test. The capabilities of this profile image, and the benefits you get from acquiring it, are still unknown. One thing is for sure; the limited edition profile image will never be published again.

I failed to apply for the beta.
Any other chance?

The official beta tester application has closed, but we plan to add a few more beta testers until testing begins. This is to promote Reta Wars to more people, and it will be helpful to all of the holder community. Therefore, the remaining beta testers will be distributed for media partnerships (influencers), community shiling, etc.

What’s the team’s next plan?

As commanders already know, an airdrop event result announcement is scheduled for $RETA holders; It will be announced on Thursday, April 21st. And the next day, April 22, what many commanders have been waiting for, we will be announcing the opening of the Unified Marketplace 1.5 for our 2nd presale NFT. Finally, what awaits us is that, as we all know, beta testing will begin.