The presale era is now over!

September 25, 2022

Hello, Commander!

So far, two pre-sales and two beta tests have been conducted. And finally, Reta Wars is set for its official launch. We think it was possible because of the patience, trust and support of the hodlers.

Finally, we say goodbye to the long period of presale. That means that we will close the page related to the presale soon. This is essential for us to convert Reta Wars to the official launch version. We want you to check the contents of this announcement and prepare for a better future.

What will change?

– September 25th 9:00 AM UTC, we will close the pre-sale page. You no longer have access to the legacy of the past: 2nd pre-sale soldout screens, old marketplaces, and LP staking pages. These were all the benefits of the past, and we’re now entering the official launch phase.

– Meanwhile, due to the impact of this work, we are closing the NFT marketplace for a while. And you’ll be able to see a new version of NFT Marketplace on September 29.

– Presale Staking was a reward for the first holders. It went from January to March, and now there is no bonus. We’ve talked about the end of pre-sale staking since last April, but unfortunately, some players are still leaving their assets unattended in the suspended staking pool. Now, when the pre-sale page is completely closed, there is no way to retrieve it by itself anymore, and we will start CS supporting this recovery in the future.

We’re entering the Real Reta Wars soon!

The new Reta Wars game page will be released on September 26 at 12:00 PM UTC. As you can see from the last announcement, it will start with a strong limited promotion of seven days.

You can hire NFT heroes with strong additional discounts through referrals before the official P2E begins. If you’re lucky, you can also win a Legendary Hero and receive additional soul. Get ready!