September 26th,
the legend begins!

September 21, 2022

Hello, commander!

TGS 2022 ended. It was one of the best opportunities to introduce Reta Wars to audiences around the world. Bloomberg, CoinTelegraph, and BSCNEWS delivered our attractive news to many audiences.

now our attractive event is closer. It means an open promotional sale that begins 1 week before the official launch of Reta Wars on September 26. A special page where you can mint open sale NFT heroes and join in powerful promotions will be released on September 26th. When entering this page, you will be the first to check the time remaining until the promotion ends. And this will be open for only 7 days, as we said before.

And today, you can check these amazing benefits in advance.

NFT sale policy

The basic price for a random NFT hero purchase is 250BUSD at this sale. But there’s a tip to get an additional 20% discount here. By entering another player’s referral code, you can purchase a random NFT Hero for 250 → 200BUSD in this sale.

Yes, if you activate the referral code, you will receive a permanent 20% discount, and the owner of the referral code will receive a bonus every time you purchase an NFT hero. And the referral code cannot be changed or released once it is activated.

Meanwhile, the ‘Variable Sale Price’ below is not applicable for this sale. This means the price of a regular sale after the end of the 7 days special promotion. This price is fluidly changed depending on the number of NFTs activated in Reta Wars.

Special Promotion 1: Aim For Legendary

Buying random NFT heroes has very attractive potential. If you get a Rare Hero with a 15% chance from Minting a Random NFT Hero, you’ll smile at their proven price on the NFT Marketplace.

And here, there is a powerful benefit prepared for the owner of the legendary hero with a very low probability. If you get a legend hero, you will get one additional *1 legendary soul. But this is a first -come, first -served basis. Only 3 people can get additional Legendary Souls from this promotion.

Special Promotion 2: referral

To strengthen the solidarity of your community, this is a promotion that offers strong benefits to both recommenders and recipients. Press the Copy button to copy your referral code, then share it with friends around you. The friends who participated in the sale through the Referral Code will receive an additional 20%discount.

Of course, you who recommended Reta Wars to your friends will also receive strong benefits. It is a free NFT minting ticket. Every time your friends purchase 1 NFT hero, you earn 1 point. And every time it reaches 10 points, you can get one free minting ticket.

There is no limit here. That means if all 100 of your friends buy 1 NFT hero, you will receive 10 free NFT heroes.

The rocket will depart soon!

This is the last promotion before the game launch, which starts on September 26th at 12:00 PM UTC for just a week.

The official service of Reta Wars will finally begin on October 3rd at 12:00 PM UTC. every player can produce resources as their NFT hero, trade them, discuss with other players to win the war, challenge the rankings and earn huge profits. Of course, the official service also includes $RETA Staking, one of the most attractive elements of the ecosystem.

In the next announcement, we will talk about $RETA Staking. This staking system has a unique feature that has never been seen in any Game-Fi before!

Our grand beginning is drawing near. Always pay attention to our updates, and to our Sneek-Peek release on Discord!