Contract migration begins for 1st NFT!

April 7, 2022

Hello, Commander!
we are announcing that from today onwards, it will start contract move, i.e. migration, for NFTs issued from staking contracts.

As explained in the last announcement, the NFT of commanders who were staking – a.k.a. The 1st NFT is currently on top of the staking contract. And since this contract is only for staking, the commander now has to move the NFTs to the contract ready for gaming.

And on April 7th at 12:00 PM UTC, the contract movement will begin. Therefore, commanders with the 1st Presale NFT should read this announcement and follow the guide to secure their own benefits. This is very important!

Preparation for migration

Commanders with 1st pre-sale NFT must meet the following requirements for migration and be ready to move. This means that all actions currently in progress on the staking contract should be closed.

  • If the hero is still in staked state, unstake it. If the commander still stakes NFTs, he will no longer receive RETAs and will not be able to migrate.
  • Migration is not possible even if the Commander has registered the Hero on the Marketplace for sale. If there is a Hero registered in the Marketplace, the contract movement will be activated only when the status is cleared.
  • You need to prepare a small amount of BNB, for Gas fee. A small amount of BNB gas fee will be required for unstaking and contract transfer, and the total amount of gas fee may vary depending on the number of NFTs the commander has. Since this is a common feature of blockchain, it cannot be skipped. Please understand.

Let’s do it now!

If you go to the My NFT page in Reta Wars, you can see all the NFTs you have. Commanders can now find NFTs to migrate contracts from here. Now click the Activate Migration button to approve the contract migration.

Approving the contract move will change the message displayed on the screen. Now the commander can touch any hero and move the contract. After the wallet approves the contract and pays a small gas fee, the contract is successfully moved.

Good luck, commander!

Once the transaction is complete, as we promised, a random +1 Stats result will be displayed above the hero’s head as a reward for paying gas fee. If repeating the transaction is cumbersome because your commander has a lot of heroes, try clicking the Migrate button above the hero list. Commanders can move up to 20 heroes at once.

If you see that the +1 stats have increased, it means that you have finally moved from the staking contract to the game contract.

+1 in Reta Wars is by no means a small value. We don’t know which Stats will get stronger, but one of the heroes the commander had in it could be made even more perfect. One of the heroes you were thinking of selling on the Marketplace could become your entourage. Or, it trades at a higher value in the market, giving you wealth.
Then good luck, Commander!

※ Currently, we do not support trading for heroes in the game contract. However, according to our roadmap, we will unveil the integrated marketplace within April. Here, you can trade all your heroes using more granular filtering.