Notice: NFT Pre-sale

December 26, 2021

ⓒReta Wars

Hello, Commander!
December 26th at 12:00 pm UTC, Reta Wars’ NFT Hero pre-sale begins.
Time is running out, so Check out our announcements and finalize your plans.

Please be aware of the following

✔️ When the pre-sale starts, a button will be activated from our website that will take you to the minting page.

✔️ You can log in by connecting your wallet on the minting page. We support various wallets: Metamask, TrustWallet, and Walletconnect.

✔️ Pre-sale NFT can be purchased with Binance stableCoin($BUSD). In addition, this transaction runs on the BSC chain. Keep an appropriate amount of BNB in your wallet to pay the Gas Fee.

✔️ A total of 10,100 heroes will be distributed during the pre-sale period. 100 heroes will be used as referral rewards, and 10000 heroes will be sold to Pre-sale participant.

✔️ The Hero starts with a value of $200 at the start, and the price increases little by little as the remaining quantity decreases. The final price when all stocks are exhausted is $500.

✔️ A player can purchase one hero per transaction, And you can have up to 100 heroes. this is to prevent damage caused by sudden price increases and to give all players an equal chance.

✔️ NFT Heroes you hire will be able to earn profits by staking from Jan 1, 2022.

✔️ You can earn RETA in advance by staking NFT Heroes. You can also use the earned RETA for LP Staking. We have allocated 20,00,000 RETA to the pool for this staking.

✔️ We will open the marketplace as soon as possible after the end of the pre-sale. And within the first quarter of 2022, we plan to unveil the Level-up system for NFT Heroes.

Useful Link

⚠️ Problems with trading? Please report any problems that occur while using Reta Wars in the Report: Reta Wars Report form↗

✔️ If you want to know more about the abilities and more uses of the NFT Heroes you have, check out our previous posts: Get Ready for the NFT Presale!↗

✔️ Most of the questions can be found in the FAQ. It can be found on our website and Discord.
Reta Wars FAQ↗

Reta Wars Discord↗

After reviewing the above, we hope that you will be able to enjoy the benefits of staking from January 1st. In the name of RETA, we pray that a powerful hero will emerge to accompany you. Good Luck!