Third Fast Mode Championship:
Party Promotion Winner

Third Fast Mode Championship:
Party Promotion Winner

Jun 12, 2023

Hello, Commander!
Last Friday, the Fast Mode Championship for the skilled ones took place. The championship was still top-notch, and all the commanders showed their own cool strategies to prove their skills. To stay in the game in this more intense competition, quick thinking and staying focused was key.

But, the biggest thing in this championship was the return of the ‘Party Tournament Promotion’. A party tournament in which four people compete in a team showed another way to survive in collaboration, not just a stage of competition. Now, let’s meet the winners of the Party Tournament who amazed us with amazing teamwork!

1st place: MMF

🎲 Total Point: 3,422pt

The awesome winner of this party tournament is the [MMF] party! The [MMF] party scored a total of 3,422 points, becoming the stars of the party tournament with their amazing group skills. The commanders in the party ranked in 2nd, 5th, 6th, and 10th places, showing they are a strong force in the Fast Mode Championship. The tight teamwork they showed on the competition stage shined more than ever, and this is what made the [MMF] party number one. The amazing plays by the [MMF] party will be remembered for a long time. As the top prize in the party tournament, each person will get 8,000 GRT, 30 Promotion Scrolls, and 200 junior dolls!

2nd place: PRO

🎲 Total Point: 2,457pt

The party that grabbed 2nd place in the party tournament is the [PRO] party! Their strategy was surprisingly bold and meticulous. The party showed that the championship stage is high-level with their very own tactics. In particular, the 1st place commander of the Fast Mode Championship joined the [PRO] party and made their names known to many people. We pay tribute to the [PRO] party’s performance, and they will be given 4000 GRT, 20 Promotion Scroll, and 100 Junior Dolls individually as compensation for the second-place party.

3rd place: SSS

🎲 Total Point: 2,440pt

The third-place party in the Fast Mode Championship is the [SSS] party! With a total of 2,440 points, they made the competition even fiercer in the championship battlefield by 17 points from the second-place party. The [SSS] party stayed on track in the fast-changing battlefield with smart plans and a sharp focus, and fought their way to become the 3rd place party in the tournament. Their performance was amazing, and as a reward for getting 3rd place, each member will get 2,000 GRT, 10 Promotion Scrolls, and 100 junior dolls!

Reward policy

Party tournament rewards will be distributed to the personal wallets of [MMF], [PRO], and [SSS] members by June 16.

Fierce competition in the Fast Mode Championship!

With the enthusiasm and concentration of all the commanders, the fast mode championship and party tournament was successfully concluded. We will continue to strive to create a Fast Mode Championship full of more fun and enjoyable elements.

Next fast mode championship will be held at 10:00 on July 7, after four weeks later. If you want to get top results in the Fast Mode Championship, it’s key to keep practicing in the Daily Fast Mode. Plus, by taking part in the Daily Fast Mode, you can buy tickets to the Fast Mode Championship with Square Coins you get as Daily Fast Mode rewards. Look forward to the next Fast Mode Championship!