Fourth Fast Mode Championship:
Party Promotion Winner

Fourth Fast Mode Championship:
Party Promotion Winner

Jul 10, 2023

Hello, Commander!
The intense battles that we all competed in have come to an end, and so has the Fast Mode Championship. From the first round to the final moments of the Championship, the amazing strategies and passion of the commanders inspired courage and moved everyone. We salute all the commanders who overcame the challenges of the battlefield and made it to the end.

Now, we’re ready to reveal the brilliant moments of the Fast Mode Championship that you’ve been waiting for. That’s right! It’s time to check out the results of the Party Promotion that made the stage of competition even more fierce. Check the announcement and confront the heated moments of the battlefield!

1st place: MMF

🎲 Total Point: 3,376pt

The [MMF] party, recorded as the top party in the championship, is surely a group that fits the title ‘best’ more than any other party. These skilled individuals, who have amazed us with their remarkable insight and teamwork, have secured their second consecutive victory following the previous championship. Their astonishing achievements will remain a long-lasting tale in Reta Wars. Once again, we salute their extraordinary performance. As the reward for being the top party in the party tournament, each member will receive 8,000 GRT, 30 promotion scrolls, and 200 junior dolls!

2nd place: SSS

🎲 Total Point: 2,951pt

The party that claimed second place in the party tournament is the [SSS] party! They captivated everyone with their unending spirit of challenge and grand battles. Also, the [SSS] party never gave up and maintained their focus throughout the championship. As time on the championship battlefield passed, their rank climbed higher, and they finally achieved the impressive result of second place. As the reward for being the second-place party in the tournament, each member is set to receive 4000 GRT, 20 promotion scrolls, and 100 junior dolls.

3rd place: ARC

🎲 Total Point: 2,394pt

The party that came in third is the [ARC] party! Emerging as a dark horse in this tournament, they deflected the pursuit of their competitors with their own strategies and claimed third place. The [ARC] party showed brilliant play and aggressive strategies in this tournament. Their performance makes us look forward to the competition in the next championship! As the reward for being the third-place party in the tournament, each member is set to receive 2,000 GRT, 10 promotion scrolls, and 100 junior dolls.

Reward policy

Party tournament rewards will be distributed to the personal wallets of [MMF], [SSS] and [ARC] members by July 14.

Fierce competition in the Fast Mode Championship!

With the enthusiasm and concentration of all the commanders, the fast mode championship and party tournament was successfully concluded. We will continue to strive to create a Fast Mode Championship full of more fun and enjoyable elements.

Next fast mode championship will be held at 10:00 UTC on August 4, after four weeks later. If you want to get top results in the Fast Mode Championship, it’s key to keep practicing in the Daily Fast Mode. Plus, by taking part in the Daily Fast Mode, you can buy tickets to the Fast Mode Championship with Square Coins you get as Daily Fast Mode rewards. Look forward to the next Fast Mode Championship!