1 Days Left,
Get Ready for the NFT Presale!

December 25, 2021

Hello, Commander!

1 days left until Reta Wars pre-sale begins. Our pre-sale will start from 12-26 pm 12:00 (UTC), and the pre-sale schedule will end when a total of 10,000 NFTs are sold out.

Today, ahead of the Reta Wars pre-sale, let’s take a look at what you can do with the NFTs we bought and what we need to prepare.

Chapter 1: What You Can Get Through Heroes

▲ You can stake your heroes on the NFT Staking page.

In Pre-sale
Special benefits are given to heroes obtained through the pre-sale. Starting January 1, 2022, you will be able to earn $RETA in advance by staking Heroes. And, $RETA from staking can be profitable again through LP staking. For this we have allocated 2,000,000 $RETA, which is 2% of the $RETA issuance, to the staking pool. This will be distributed for NFT Heroes participating in staking.

The Performance of Staking(=Staking power) is affected by the Number of Heroes and their Rarity. You can stake up to 100 NFT Heroes per wallet address, and the higher the Rarity, the faster the Hero earns $RETA per hour.

  • NFT staking and LP staking rewards are perks for pre-sale participants. We felt that this special benefit should not be Focused on a few blessed people, so we decided to make the pre-sale open to everyone.
  • The end of staking is scheduled for Q1 2022. At this time, the Marketplace and the Hero Level-UP system will be updated.
  • As you may know, once the staking pool is exhausted, you will no longer be able to stake NFT Heroes.
  • Heroes you have acquired can still be used for the purpose of the game even after the pre-sale is over.
  • The NFT is not just for Presale, it is a resource that should be used continuously in the game in the future. Therefore, even in the presale stage, the ability to consider the balance in future games is given.

ⓒReta Wars


After Q1 2022

NFT Heroes are the core asset of Reta Wars. Heroes can producing Wood, Minerals, and Food from production facilities that will be updated soon. These war materials are closely related to gaming P2E.

However, a hero can only perform one command at a time. If you have many Heroes, you will be able to acquire resources from multiple production facilities at the same time.

  • Trading Heroes and Level-up system will be released in the 1Q 2022.
  • A system for participating in wars or gathering supplies at production facilities is expected to be released in 2Q 2022.

▲ You should carefully consider the strengths and weaknesses of your hero.

Chapter 2: How to Presale

Step 1 – Go to Shop
To participate in the pre-sale, you must go to the SHOP prepared on the Reta Wars website. Press the [SHOP] button to move.

Step 2 – Connect Wallet
To minting NFTs in the SHOP, log in to Reta Wars with your wallet address. Metamask, Trust Wallet, and Wallet Connect are supported. To purchase pre-sale NFTs, you need to have a decent amount of BUSD in your wallet. Also, all transactions on the BSC chain require a small amount of gas fee. Always stock a small amount of BNB for gas fee.

Step 3 – Buy NFT
If you have successfully logged in using Wallet, you will now see the sale screen. You can get your pre-sale NFT right here.

Your Balance: The BUSD balance of the wallet you connected.

Current Price: Displays the current price of the pre-sale NFT Hero.

Remaining Amount: remaining amount of pre-sale NFT Heroes we have prepared.

Remaining quantity in that price range. Whenever this number becomes 0, it enters the next price range, and the price of the NFT hero increases little by little. Heroes start at 200 BUSD for the first time, and the last leg is priced at 500 BUSD.

Purchase Amount: Indicates the limit of NFT Heroes you can purchase. In the pre-sale, a wallet can hold up to 100 NFT Heroes.

Approve: Pressing this button will initiate a purchase transaction for a random hero. You can get NFT Heroes with randomly minted stats and rarities.

  • You can acquire 1 hero per 1 transaction.
  • Hero rank is based on the following probability:
    Common 54% / Uncommon 30% / Rare 15% / Epic 0.99% / Legendary 0.01%

Fixed Price: Prevents purchases from being executed at a price higher than the intended price when many people try to purchase at the same time. If you check Fixed Price, if there is a difference between the price at the time of purchase and the current price, the transaction will automatically fail.


Step 4 – Referral
If you purchase 1 or more NFT Heroes, the referral will be activated. Your referral URL and ranking will be displayed at the bottom of the Hero Purchase screen.

This is your referral link. You can activate it by purchasing 1 or more NFT Heroes. Points are awarded to you when other players enter the SHOP through this link and participate in the pre-sale.

The current referral ranking is displayed. When the pre-sale ends, the referral also ends. Based on the ranking at the time of completion, the following rewards are paid to the referrer.

  • Rank 47 ~ 100: Common random NFT Hero *1
  • Rank 17 ~ 46: Uncommon random NFT Hero *1
  • Rank 2 ~ 16: Rare random NFT Hero *1
  • Rank 1: Epic random NFT Hero *1

Chapter 3: FAQ

Q. When will staking be available?

?️ It is 12:00pm (UTC) on January 1, 2022.


Q. After the pre-sale is over, will I no longer be able to get NFTs?

?️ During the pre-sale period, the sale will stop when the heroes we prepared are exhausted. Also, the $RETA allocated to the staking pool is only awarded to Heroes earned during this period.

After Q1 2022, the store will again support random hero purchases when the marketplace and hero level up system launch. However, Heroes acquired during this time cannot be staked, and different pricing policies will apply.


Q. Can I exchange the acquired NFT Heroes right away?

?️ The marketplace will open as soon as possible after the end of the pre-sale. And within the 1Q 2022, we plan to release the level-up system for NFT heroes.


Q. After the pre-sale and staking, what will happen to my Heroes?

?️ Same can be used in all game contents to be released in the future. NFT heroes acquired through presale minting already have stats and skills that will be used in the actual game reflected.


Q. Why buy with $BUSD instead of $RETA?

?️ As many of you know, all tokens are highly volatile in the early days. Sometimes, due to the powerful pump & dump, early adopters suffer more than latecomers. This risk is even greater during the pre-sale period as demand soars. In order to reduce the risk that players looking forward to our game will have, we have adopted $BUSD coin which provides low volatility for pre-sale. This is to protect early adopters from liquidity risks, and is part of a plan to make the $RETA ecosystem more secure.


Q. How can I get $RETA now?

?️ Currently, the only way to earn $RETA is by staking through NFT Heroes purchased during the pre-sale. This provides a stable benefit to staking players, and will prevent incentive to dump in the early days of the $RETA ecosystem. $RETA will be tradable on a separately listed exchange in the future.