Airdrop Winner Announcement

January 24, 2022

Hello, Commander!

It’s time to ring the bell to celebrate all lucky commanders and winners of competitions! We appreciate the community’s response to the Airdrop promotion. We scrutinized the responses of the heroes who applied from 84 countries and drew a fair lot. And for those who participated in the airdrop, we will draw all winners and announce the results. Congratulations to the winners!

  • To protect the personal information of the commander, we disclose only a part of the winner’s information.
  • As previously announced, the airdrop will take place on January 26, 2022, UTC.
Rank Award Name Entries Location BSC Address (last 7 digits)
1 1000 M***anda 2361 Vietnam ab54272
2 300 d***l kim 1251 Korea 67A8224
3 300 E***bayram Bayram 986 Turkey 7672645
4 300 J***IN SU 901 Korea 055cf00
5 300 m***sik bang 830 Korea 76134A5
6 300 T***y Goodman 551 Nigeria 2BFF39
7 300 H***t Bacı 541 Turkey 6E1461b
8 300 Y***GSEON KIM 481 Korea 319B9dA
9 300 유***유부남 일억 만들기 441 Korea Eb5024d
10 300 h*** kwon 351 Korea 3770Cbe
11 200 D***k Sönmez 236 Turkey 40Af203
12 200 F***h batur 211 Turkey f3f5Ad6
13 200 D***ong choi 211 Korea c0b77E7
14 200 C***yt Özturna 171 Turkey 66c450E
15 200 H***hul Kwack 161 Korea e3D914C
16 200 j***un Lee 151 Korea C912832
17 200 H***ique Marra 151 Brazil ca92416
18 200 H***i Hakyemez 131 Turkey ab9aF0A
19 200 O***n Uçakcıoğlu 131 Turkey bC913A4
20 200 V***z Zmoker 131 Philippines 1cb571B
21 100 이*연 121 Korea d923Df5
22 100 H***b Tasan 121 Turkey 1A1c5e6
23 100 w***eong park 121 Korea d960c2a
24 100 k***ek jang 121 Korea 782A1CE
25 100 전*현 111 Korea A4aa168
26 100 B***to Gustavo Valerio de Oliveira 111 Brazil Bf352fa
27 100 J***g Jun Young 101 Korea f31885a
28 100 S***KUN SHIN 101 Korea BA9FF66
29 100 J*** Doria 101 Brazil aAf746E
30 100 S***Nguyen 91 Vietnam A695755
lottery 50 A***d Nasir Pakistan 1c0f524
lottery 50 주*만 Korea 8aBbEc2
lottery 50 O***n Gözlüklü Turkey 0615dFE
lottery 50 F***h Cankara Turkey 46B7224
lottery 50 N***nael sousa Brazil 2Bd4D85
lottery 50 J*** Stephen Remetio Philippines BEFbA4A
lottery 50 M***n T. Turkey 1510d4F
lottery 50 F***ando Rosa Brazil F4cDf3a
lottery 50 G***uğ Kaymaz Turkey e781cC2
lottery 50 F***icio Do Canto Brazil F14a5cF
lottery 50 R***ner Cesar Pena Moreira Brazil d8ee74b
lottery 50 D***ry Gizhunov Russia 784f655
lottery 50 J***o Seiji Watanabe Brazil 16C1905
lottery 50 L***Sookyung Korea EDCc44a
lottery 50 G***Jeon Canada Aee8C3d
lottery 50 A***ijelic Serbia C87aCdB
lottery 50 E***n jameson clemente Macao eD26B94
lottery 50 c***i zip Korea A8d84fA
lottery 50 T***go Diogo Brazil 24578AE
lottery 50 h***h lee Vietnam 1dD8Ce0
lottery 50 h***am saadi Morocco d91bCe5
lottery 50 L***SEUNGJO Korea BaD07c0
lottery 50 G***sis Guimto Philippines 8dD30F9
lottery 50 V***cius Rondam Herechuk Brazil 261Cbbd
lottery 50 G***herme Leite Camarotto Brazil 101D324
lottery 50 A***in Jati Indonesia 53CDAd3
lottery 50 i***il ayaz Turkey 40B5b35
lottery 50 K***ekeduo venuh India DB08129
lottery 50 J***y Nguyen Vietnam d16434B
lottery 50 D***inY Gaming Philippines 39AC60B
lottery 50 H***iell Bayabay Philippines 6907750
lottery 50 C***r Sugiarto Indonesia 4E28429
lottery 50 T***go Alonso Brazil 7B2C87c
lottery 50 S***ro Zero Indonesia 1d1CC1F
lottery 50 N***th Wongsirikul Thailand A102975
lottery 50 R***itha Ranasinghe Sri Lanka c8804E6
lottery 50 D***b Kim USA 8FDe5E3
lottery 50 J***ua Loper USA 76C6E85
lottery 50 O***34 Ukraine a9F5A8c
lottery 50 M***dghasemi Netherlands 157E736
lottery 50 D***T SAPUTRA Indonesia 773bAA4
lottery 50 P***o Chang Brazil FBd9aa3
lottery 50 V***CIUS MOREIRA Brazil 0B2d9ca
lottery 50 R***n Ortega Reinell Ecuador Dcbdd8f
lottery 50 B*** 391 Indonesia 093f18C
lottery 50 E***tric Master Thailand bEDed40
lottery 50 B***ng Bae USA 8CEe3b0
lottery 50 E***ton Rodrigues Brazil 5aD0281
lottery 50 E***h Argentina 97b11ad
lottery 50 a***yan pahlavi Indonesia ad57fc3
lottery 50 G***iele Dantas Brazil e24801B
lottery 50 J*** Benjamin Ren-Ren Vi Fernandez Philippines 616A656
lottery 50 I*** Tan Singapore 2De8D14
lottery 50 A***d Muhamed Egypt DBE71dB
lottery 50 т***яна ешелкина Russia ee295c7
lottery 50 A***Borres Philippines E1D495c
lottery 50 Y***aj mainali Nepal 84A1a3B
lottery 50 B***ley Marsh UK 44E2b03
lottery 50 S***havan Cambodia 14D1B8F
lottery 50 K***ho Kwak Korea 27FF1FD
lottery 50 J*** De Vera Philippines 4590Bb3
lottery 50 V***imir Georgievskiy Russia 7B1F22e
lottery 50 N***er Icaro Philippines fFEcEA6
lottery 50 A*** Knysh Ukraine E7Bed48
lottery 50 L***o Japan FAddF45
lottery 50 박*훈 Korea 6a0ecAB

Again, congratulations to all lucky commanders and winners of competitions!  ?

What are the benefits of having Reta?

RETA is the governance token of the ‘Reta War’ running on the BSC chain. When the marketplace launches soon, you will be able to trade NFT heroes using RETA, which will provide a wealth of P2E revenue. Alternatively, you can stake the tokens to get a portion of the fees generated by the game. And we are preparing several means to provide sufficient value to RETA holders. That’s not much left!

About Reta wars

The ‘Reta Wars’ is a simulation game that adds strategic elements to DeFi. In particular, it aims for a full-fledged Game-Fi that includes all game elements such as role-play, growth, competition, and chance. It does not require busy and fast hand movements like an action game, but it requires thought and wise decisions to effectively control the heroes. The player can establish a long-term strategy, place heroes in the right place, and get rewards based on their performance as a profit.