Our new plan with the commander

Our new plan with the commander

August 11, 2023

Greetings Commanders,

As foretold by ProL, the CEO of Realital, we are elated to present to all our holders and commanders an exhilarating update. We are embarking on a newly “Added” milestone to leap forward. The heart of this initiative lies in launching an entirely new free-to-play game and large-scale promotions, aiming to boost the visibility of RETA among a broader audience.

Indeed, this resonates as a pivotal undertaking that we all recognize. In this market, the essential task for survival and attaining our goals revolves around securing a vast user base. This not only benefits our current holders and commanders but also unequivocally advantages new participants entering the RETA ecosystem. In essence, having a substantial number of holders engaged in our ecosystem surpasses the significance of any update. All these endeavors are orchestrated for the collective benefit of us all.

Our new strategy to introduce RETA to a wider audience in the crypto market and offer them an exciting opportunity is through our new mini-game within the RETA ecosystem: ‘RETA Survivor’.

The New Game of RETA

RETA Survivor

RETA Survivor

Simple Yet Engaging Repetitive Play

Survive endless onslaughts from the enemy faction’s minions with straightforward controls, and harvest various resources. Show off your survival skills and compete on the ranking leaderboard! Our newest addition to the RETA ecosystem, Reta Survivor, is an action rogue-like game inspired by Vampire Survivors. Unlike previous expansion contents like Pirate King’s Deal or Hero Patron, this is a standalone experience. You can play Reta Survivor independently from Reta Wars anytime.

Easy and Swift, No Wallet Needed!

Introducing the “Play Instantly Access” feature, anyone can dive right in. By offering a guest ID that doesn’t require a wallet, we’re opening up the game to a vast audience unfamiliar with Game-Fi play. Everyone can effortlessly immerse themselves in Reta Survivor, and their play records will be safely stored on our servers. Of course, these guest players can always link their browser wallet to “withdraw” their in-game Rewards and later synchronize their mobile application’s guest ID with a wallet address. 

Hold on, a mobile application, right? That’s right! Reta Survivor is accessible via a smartphone app. Soon, you will spot Reta Survivor in App Stores or Play Stores, ready for download. Plus, you can also enjoy the game via web browsers with play records being shared seamlessly. 

Absolute Free-to-Play

This exhilarating and fresh rogue-like Game-Fi utilizes a unique tokenomics model. Fundamentally, Reta Survivor is entirely free. Player rewards are determined based on the in-app advertisements. Insights garnered from the ever-evolving crypto market landscape and shifting trends empower us to innovatively alter how commanders play the game, achieve high scores, and earn rewards. Simple access, engaging gameplay, and all for free! (P.S. We do believe that your RETA NFT heroes can help you perform even better in this new game. Sometimes, your gaming assets can unlock more gameplay opportunities.) 

Expanded Marketing Promotions

Expanded Marketing Promotions

To date, the RETA Reward Pool has been distributed via the Reta Wars ranking leaderboard, consistently running for an impressive 45 weeks. With the ranking rewards steadily decreasing, starting from the 54th week, they will be fixed at 20,000 RETA every week. This trajectory indicates that RETA is swiftly approaching a point of significant scarcity.

Recognizing the impending phase, we understand the crucial importance of securing a vast number of RETA holders. Many crypto enthusiasts are well aware of how vital it is to onboard a plethora of holders just as the supply starts to wane.

Our intention with Reta Survivor is to draw greater attention to the RETA ecosystem. However, in this saturated market, merely introducing a new game might not suffice to garner widespread attention. In simpler terms, to ensure the success of our refreshed roadmap and position the RETA ecosystem on an upward trajectory, the introduction of our new game must come hand in hand with a robust promotional drive.

When Reta Survivor finally unveils itself to the audience, we will commence our referral and airdrop campaigns, leveraging the RETA allocated to the marketing pool to entice new holders. This is a pivotal step towards realizing our objectives. As the ranking reward pool diminishes and RETA’s supply becomes more limited, securing a vast number of new holders will gear RETA towards fulfilling its ultimate goal.

Release Plan 

Our newest plans aren’t just whimsical ideas written on paper—they have been in the making for the past few months! We have already developed core systems of Reta Survivor, as well as innovative features such as game access via GuestID. We’re currently in the game visualization and application development phase. One of the upcoming exciting events on the horizon for us is the beta testing for Reta Survivor. We’re aiming to wrap up all developments by the Q4 2023, following which we will launch Reta Survivor on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, accompanied by a grand promotional campaign.

These undertakings signify the crux of our revamped milestones, aimed squarely at acquiring new RETA holders. This effort will further amplify the effects of our prepared weapon systems and the 3D simulator we’ve been perfecting.

Of cousre, the thrilling updates we introduced today don’t supersede our previous roadmap. Our ultimate destination and roadmap remain intact. All we’ve done is refresh the front line of our roadmap queue with a few new plans to reintroduce the project to a wider audience.

▲ The major updates we have prepared will have more amplified results based on many holders!!

We fully acknowledge the significance of previous plans tailored for our passionate commanders, such as the monumental update of the Unreal 3D simulator. However, our current imperative is to expand awareness of RETA among potential players. In essence, securing new users is not just a growth strategy, but it also enriches the experience for our devoted commanders. Once our new initiatives come to fruition and we capture the attention of a vast number of holders and commanders, the significant updates we’ve been preparing will propel RETA to greater heights.

No matter the circumstances, we march forward towards our goals with unwavering determination. Stay tuned for more exhilarating updates in this new chapter of RETA’s journey!