Server maintenance for updates!

Server maintenance for updates!

February 28, 2023

Hello, Commander!

Do you remember the fierce battle of Fast mode? We’re introducing changes to Fast mode, the new game mode of Reta Wars today. That’s right! This means that you can enjoy the fierce and fun Fast mode everyday. You can check the Fast mode through the update on March 2nd at 12:00 UTC. Check out the changes to Reta Wars in advance and be the star of new opportunities!

Fast Mode on everyday!

Fast mode can now be played regularly for a short time, two times a day, two hours each games. In fast mode, resources gather at a tremendous rate and buildings are upgraded very quickly. In the shorter fast mode, the Reta War continues for five minutes every half hour, and you will need more detailed strategies and faster handwork to be the leaderboard winner in two hours. But most importantly, we can still play Fast Mode for free.

New Rewards in Fast Mode

Now the Fast Mode leaderboard winners will receive square coins as a reward for their victory. If you don’t know what square coin is yet, check our last announcement. More attractive items will be updated in the long run in this square market!

Fast Mode: Championship

Unlike the daily Fast Mode, this championship is a stage for commanders with a lot of experience and skills. This is a four-hour game played, and it will include limited admission rights and strong rewards. We will introduce the strong rewards of the championship and the conditions for playing through additional announcements.

Server Down Schedule

This update will start on Mar 2, and that includes the server down for maintenance.

Server Down Time: March 2nd 10:00 to 12:00 UTC (2 hours)

The time required for maintenance and updates is the expected number. It may end sooner than we expected, or it may be delayed a little. If the server opening is delayed beyond the announced time, we will inform you of the news through the announcement channel without delay.