Short-term Roadmap Update:
Huge wave is coming!

Short-term Roadmap Update:
Huge wave is coming!

February 9, 2023

Hello, Commander!

We have some fascinating announcements today that many commanders will look forward to. Yes, this is our first short-term roadmap for 2023, which many commanders would have waited for. The commander will be able to predict the new future of Reta Wars to some extent through this fascinating announcement.

We continue to move forward to respond to changing Game-Fi trends and Crypto Market. We will constantly prove our ability. This is how we survive and become winners in a changing Crypto Market. Keep an eye on our updates!

To be updated #1

Hero Patron

Hero Patron

As many commanders know, Hero patron will be updated soon! Commander, predict the daily Reta War victory faction at Hero patron. Then you apply or sponsor a hero who will play in the daily Reta War to Arena. If you succeed in predicting the faction you will win and a hero who sponsored or applied in is ranked and climbed onto the Podium, you can get a huge amount of reward.

More information on Hero patron is available in the latest Sneak Peek announcement.

To be updated #2



Heroes fighting in fierce wars every day, but heroes always pray for their gods. This is a very holy thing! Heroes pray together every day and test their faith. When the commander participates in their faith together, you will be rewarded by the priest!

Daily Attendance

Attendance now appears in Reta Wars. The commander can prove his/her attendance by paying a very small amount of RETA as a donation at Reta Wars every day. However, attendance can only be carried out by commanders with certain conditions. If you have met the conditions and completed your attendance, you will receive a “Square Coin” as a reward for your daily attendance. You can exchange it at the square market.

Also, if you have proved your faith by praying for 30 days without omission, you will receive a huge reward. This reward will depend on your staking title.

Square Market

Square Market is a special market that you can enter from Square. You can buy products using square coin. Gas fee will not be paid in this process. You can buy junior doll, untradeable promotion scroll and junior manual here!

Junior manual

Now, commanders can meet special junior manuals at Square Market! This is another way to get junior experience, and you can use the junior manual to increase their experience. The manual is divided by junior’s class, and only the manual suitable for junior’s class can be used.

To be updated #3

Epic and Legendary Finally Appear!

Epic and Legendary,
Finally Appear!

Many commanders have wanted to see Epic and Legendary heroes in Reta Wars. Their vivid images will be updated soon. Images of Epic and Legendary Heroes now appear.

Epic and Legendary Heroes have a special image unlike other heroes. This is a moving image. They will greet you with a vivid movement. Face their lively movements and their aura!

To be updated #4

Fast Mode on a regular basis

Fast Mode on
a regular basis

Many commanders will remember the fierce battle of the last Fast Mode. Commanders have always immersed themselves in the battle of Fast Mode, and Fast Mode is still a free play game that attracts a large audience. Fast mode will be updated with content that runs regularly.

Fast mode will be further simplified. The commander will now fight fiercely for a short time of two hours from the four-hour fast mode. A more simplified fast mode will require faster hand movements and more sophisticated strategies, but it will make the commander more immersed in battle. We are also planning a separate large championship that regularly includes guild tournaments in fast mode.

As fast mode progresses on a regular basis, the scale of rewards has decreased, but your chances of challenging the leaderboard’s winner have also increased! If the commander becomes the winner and his/her name is honorably recorded on the leaderboard, you can receive a square coin as a reward.

To be updated #5

Battle Simulator 2.0

Battle Simulator 2.0

The interim report of Battle Simulator 2.0 released in the last announcement was enough for the commander to have expectations for the future of Reta Wars. This was the story about a 3D simulator built with an Unreal engine, and it will make you immersed in the vivid battle of Reta War. Now we introduce the intermediate development phase of Battle Simulator 2.0 that has become more realistic and sophisticated! The commander can see the advanced Battle Simulator 2.0 through our video!

▲ Notice: This video recorded while actually playing the version under development. Because it is an alpha version currently under development, it does not include visual production such as batting effects, or shaders. This is a video to share our progress with the commanders.

Watch your NFT hero fight in Reta War vividly in Battle Simulator 2.0! One of the key elements of the battle simulator is that the commander can watch the battle vividly from various perspectives. We’ve come this far with excellent development technology and we’re not going to stop. This means that Battle Simulator will become more sophisticated and upgraded.

Please look forward to our upcoming Battle Simulator. It will definitely take time to complete, but this attractive system will surprise everyone.

To be updated #6

New NFT Hero and Weapon

New NFT Hero
and Weapon

New faces appear in Reta Wars. They’re always carrying big hammers, and the work clothes they’re wearing somehow have the aura of a experienced craftsman. That’s right! The new heroes are the “Crafters” who will make weapons. With their skilled dexterity and ability, they will produce weapons for heroes to use.

Their names are Becky Taylor and Samuel Cooper! Commander, please welcome them to appear on the Reta War’s journey of fierce fighting takes place!


With the launch of the Crafter, a new building will also be added to the commander’s territory. In a blacksmith full of hot heat, the new heroes will make weapons. However, the resources or methods of forging weapons produced by this building are still unknown.

Please look forward to the upcoming Reta Wars!

This announcement is a general introduction to the future of Reta Wars. All of these attractive introductions will be conducted sequentially. Some will be updated in February, but some will need more time. That’s why the commander will always have to watch our announcement! We will continue to move forward as always and we will keep our promises.