The 1st presale will end soon!

February 28, 2022

Hello, Commander!

Today is the last day of February. We’ll talk about the benefits that OG who participated in our first pre-sale will receive, as we foretold to commanders in our roadmap in February. Although this presentation is quite long, it contains essential hints. Pay close attention and prepare for the near future.

The 1st presale end plan

After closely reviewing the NFT staking status of participants in the 1st pre-sale, we have decided to end the 1st pre-sale soon. We did not announce this in advance because we had no choice but to respond flexibly according to the price of RETA. After careful analysis and simulation, we have decided to ensure the benefits of 1st NFT holders. And this means that the remaining staking blocks are also distributed only to the 1st NFT holders.

Therefore, the 1st pre-sale ends on March 14th. And access to the remaining staking blocks is also granted only for NFTs sold until March 14th. Referral rewards will also be paid based on this time.

After the first pre-sale ends, heroes with LUK fixed at 5 will no longer be sold. The LUK of heroes you can meet in the 2nd sale will have a slight fluctuation. If you are curious about the effect of LUK, please refer here.

※ 2nd pre-sale heroes cannot get staking profits, and LUK is not always the maximum. But they have hidden perks that make them better than 1st Heroes. We will be releasing the perks just before the P2E system opens.

Our future plans

We tried a new approach different from other projects in the first pre-sale we’ve done so far. It’s not a whitelist or giveaway; it’s an equal sale opportunity for everyone. Nevertheless, more than 2,000 NFTs were issued, and even in the fierce game market, we were able to collect OG who believed in us. Thanks to them, we have the courage to follow the roadmap and complete the project.

Now we will proceed with the 2nd presale in a different way than before. We will use the method to get the Reta Wars project to more people and acquire users. However, respect for the OG who joined the first pre-sale will not be lost.

In the 2nd pre-sale, other heroes that could not be obtained in the previous sale will be revealed. The quantity sold and the minting method will also be different from the past.

In addition, we plan to sell NFTs sold in the 2nd pre-sale at a more reasonable price. There are two reasons for this: First, the 2nd pre-sale NFT cannot earn staking returns. Second, when our RetaWars 1.0 is released, we want to make it easier for early birds to access the game’s core content. This is because we are so confident in the game, and we want to repay the holders who trusted us from the very beginning.

This policy will be of great benefit to most 1st pre-sale holders. However, very few commanders, who have not yet achieved sufficient staking gains because they joined at the end of the 1st pre-sale, are likely to feel this policy is detrimental. Of course, we are aware of this part, so when conducting the 2nd presale, we will consider the compensation for the 1st pre-sale participant as the top priority.

2nd Pre-Sale Overview

We share with the commander a brief plan of the 2nd pre-sale today. The purpose of the 2nd pre-sale is divided into three main categories:
(1) rewards for early birds and holders
(2) official sales
(3) strengthened community.

※All the content introduced in this announcement will be held in March. The policies and schedules for these promotions will be announced separately for the Commander to understand more easily.

1. Rewards for OG

[Conclusive airdrop for NFT holders]
The first promotion of the 2nd pre-sale is an airdrop provided free of charge to existing holders. Holders who acquire NFTs through the 1st pre-sale will receive a 2nd NFT free ticket(It means a ticket to minting the 2nd sale NFT for free). The number of tickets awarded depends on the number of primary NFTs the commander has.
– If the commander has 2~3 NFT: 1 free ticket
– If the commander has 4~9 NFT: 2 free ticket
– If the commander has 10+ NFT: 5 free ticket
※ Snapshot and airdrop timing will be announced separately. Also, we will only airdrop one wallet address per commander. Disadvantages may occur if a situation of illegal supply and demand by distributing NFTs to multiple wallets is discovered.

[Lottery Airdrop for RETA Holders]
This is a rewarding event for holding our governance token, RETA. 2nd NFT will be paid by lottery among holders who have more than a certain amount of RETA in their wallet. Winning conditions and NFT payment amount may vary depending on the amount you have in your wallet. Please check the separate notice for details.

2. Official 2nd Pre-Sale

This is a whitelist sale with a limited number of purchases per person. The sale runs for a short time, and if stock is available, it will be included in the next round of sales. The whitelist will usually include these commanders: the winner of giveaway, Contributors who made Reta Wars known to more people, And the winners of various hidden contests.

[Public Sale]
When the whitelist sale ends, the public sale begins with a higher price. Any remaining inventory will be burned. The whitelist and public sale schedule will be announced in separate announcements for further details.

3. strengthened community

[Influencer Partnership]
To make Reta Wars known to more people, we are preparing partnerships with various influencers. You can also meet 2nd NFT through cooperative promotions with influencers who give us good information.

[Community Airdrop]
We are airdropping to inform more users of our project. A small amount of 2nd Pre-sale NFT, not RETA, will be distributed this time.

※All the content introduced in this announcement will be held in March. Our community will introduce detailed policies and schedules for these promotions in more detail. Always stay tuned for our official announcement channel.