RETA holder lottery results announcement

April 22, 2022

Hello, Commander!

The holder lottery event to share good luck and fun with RETA holders has ended. And now it’s time to see which commander’s luck is stronger. Yes, this announcement is the result of an NFT lottery event for RETA holders that started on March 31st. We created the previously announced lottery rules in VBA and inserted snapshot data to conduct a random draw.

BSC Address
※Press Ctrl+F to find your address.

Congratulations to the lucky commanders on the list! ?
Winners will receive one airdrop ticket on April 25th. This is a free ticket provided as a reward. Commanders with this ticket can mint NFT Heroes for 0 BUSD in the 2nd pre-sale. As with any other ticket, one transaction is allowed per ticket and used tickets are deleted.

But if you’re a holder not on this list, don’t be discouraged. The game is faithfully fulfilling its roadmap, and RETA will provide you with more advantages in this ecosystem in the future. Remember! When the game is released and the ecosystem starts running, a portion of the fees generated by the game will be allocated for RETA staking.

What are the benefits of having Reta?

RETA is the governance token of the ‘Reta War’ running on the BSC chain. In the marketplace, you will be able to trade NFT heroes using RETA, which will provide a wealth of P2E revenue. Alternatively, you can stake the tokens to get a portion of the fees generated by the game. And we are preparing several means to provide sufficient value to RETA holders. That’s not much left!

About Reta wars

This is a ‘real’ blockchain game. It is fundamentally different from a game that only adds contracts and tokens to the previously developed game resources.​
In Reta Wars, the next-generation Game-Fi that contains all the components of the game, such as role, growth, competition, and probability, the profit is determined by how strategically you use your NFT.​
The biggest revenue opportunity is in war. Players must participate in either faction, contribute resources, and gather opinions by voting. Strategies and tactics are completed through votes by members, and the victorious faction can gain great benefits.​
Yes, Reta Wars is a game-changing complete Game-Fi. Here, the elements of a DAO system never seen before and the perfect SLG are precisely intertwined.​