Fast mode Championship:
Time of passion and Competition

Fast mode Championship:
Time of passion and Competition

July 20, 2023

Hello, Commander!
This is the 6th tournament since the Fast Mode Championship was officially updated in Reta Wars. Many commanders have continued to challenge the championship, and numerous strong players have emerged, their activities have become a story. This Fastmode championship will be held on August 4th at 10:00 UTC. Prepare your own strategies and tactics, and seize the glory of victory!

In this championship, just like the last championship, Team Squads and Double Origin promotions will be carried out! However, the method of the Team Squads has changed slightly. Commanders, check out our announcement and verify the changed Team Squads rules. Even if the rules of the Team Squad promotion have changed, you can win the competition with strong teamwork and passion!

What is a Fast Mode Championship?

The Fast Mode Championship is a stage where strong commanders compete with each other’s skills for four hours once every four weeks. To participate in the competition, you need a certain amount of admission ticket, but if you break through the competition and get ranked, attractive rewards will be given to you. Commanders can check the rules and information of the Fast Mode Championship in the guide to compete for a higher rank.

▲ Fascinating Rewards of Fast Mode Championship

Promotion #1:

The Team Squad

The Team Squad

Squad Composition

The squads for Team Squad are still composed of 4 members per group, just like the previous promotions. However, the way to apply for a squad has changed. Commanders can pre-register their team squad through a Google form. That is, only the four team squad members who have registered in advance can participate in the promotion as a squad.


The leader of the Team Squad can participate in the promotion by entering the squad’s information in the Team Squad registration Google form. Please gather the information about your squad and the team members participating in the squad and enter it in the Google form.


The way to participate is the same as the previous promotion. If you’ve entered your team squad’s ticker and information through the Google form in advance, all you have to do is start the championship, use the same team ticker and nickname, and participate in the game.

(ex [ABC] AAA)


You can register your squad through the Google form until 09:00 UTC on August 4th.


– 1st place team: 8,000 GRT + 30 Promotion Scroll + 200 Junior Dolls
– 2nd place team: 4,000 GRT + 20 Promotion Scroll + 100 Junior Dolls
– 3rd place team: 2,000 GRT + 10 Promotion Scroll + 100 Junior Dolls

(will be given to the team members individually)

Reward Distribution

We plan to distribute rewards to the top squads after the Fast Mode Championship has ended. All rewards for squad rankings will be paid to individual wallets by August 11th, after the end of the championship.


– To participate in the Team Squad Promotion, the team leader needs to register their team squad on a Google form before the Championship begins. If you didn’t fill in your squad information on the Google form in advance, even if that party scores high in the Championship, they will not receive the rewards of the promotion.

– The members of the Team Squad are the four individuals registered on the Google form. Even if another commander scores high in the Championship alongside the same Team Squad, they will not be included in the Team Squad’s score.

– If the same Team Squad ticker gets registered, we can contact the team leader to notify them about changing the Team Squad ticker.

– Your team doesn’t necessarily have to choose the same faction. What matters is the strategic decision of your team members.

– If there are two teams with the same score, compare each team’s top scorers to determine the winner.

Promotion #2:

Double Origin

Double Origin

The Double Origin promotion is back for this championship! This is a lucky promotion for commanders tired of competition. Don’t despair if you didn’t make it to the high ranks. If your rank happens to be a special one, you could receive an additional reward.


Commanders listed at 11th, 33rd, 55th, 77th, 99th on the Fast Mode Championship leaderboard


100 Junior Dolls (individually awarded to commanders)

Get ready for the Fast Mode Championship!

The Fast Mode Championship starts at 10:00 UTC on August 4th.A lot of practice will be needed to showcase your strategies and perform well in the Fast Mode Championship. You can prepare for the championship through the guide and test strategies by participating in the Daily Fast Mode. Furthermore, the Square coins you can earn as Daily Fast Mode rewards can help you purchase the entrance fee for the championship. The entry ticket for this Fast Mode Championship can be purchased for 20 Square coins or 200 GRT.

– Fast Mode Championship information:
– How to play Fast Mode Championship (Guide):