Open promotion

September 26, 2022

Hello, Commander!

Today is the day. The team is just a week away from the historic start of Reta Wars, and we’ll be launching an incredible promotion shortly. Yes, we are talking about a limited open promotion sale for just seven days. If you don’t know the content of this amazing promotion yet, be sure to check out the last announcement. This will be the best chance for you to grab a huge opportunity in innovative and unique Game-Fi.

Open Promotion Schedule:

– Promotions start: September 26 at 12:00 PM UTC

– Promotion ends: October 3rd at 03:00 AM UTC

– Official Launch: October 3rd 12:00 PM UTC

Open Promotion information:

1. Open NFT Hero Minting:
The base price is open for 250BUSD, but you can enter a referral code and get an additional 20% discount. Entering the referral code is simple. Enter your friend’s wallet address from the Sales menu, or visit the Sale page via the referral URL provided by your friend.

※ You cannot cancel or change the referral code that you have registered once.

2. Legendary Bonus:
Players who have got the Legendary Grade NFT Hero in this promotion will receive one additional Legendary Soul. But this is a first -come, first -served basis. Only 3 people can get additional Legendary Souls from this promotion.

3. Referral Bonus:
A powerful benefit for players who introduce their friends to Reta Wars sale promotions. Every time your friends mint an NFT hero through your reference code, you get a point. Every 10 points you can mint 1 random NFT for free, and there is no limit here.

Access the sale page :

This sale is included in our official game contract, not in the pre-sale contract of the past. In other words, to access the sale page, you need to access our official Dapp page and log in to the game using the BSC Wallet address. (This is a new page, so the existing holder must also agree to the Wallet signature to access this page.)

※ Wait, because this is part of the official game page, you may see a page that selects the faction and nickname when you first log in. This has nothing to do with the official launch of the game, and will be initialized on October 3.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is ‘Variable Sale Price’?
Variable Sale Price’ below is not applicable for this sale. This means the price of a regular sale after the end of the 7 days special promotion. This price is fluidly changed depending on the number of NFTs activated in Reta Wars.

Q: Can I get a Referral reward several times over and over again?
Yes, it’s possible. Every 10 points you can mint 1 random NFT for free, and there is no limit here. If you introduce this project to a large audience and earn 1000 points, you will receive 100 random NFT tickets. This is a reward that should be provided for those who have contributed to the ecosystem. Don’t forget to copy your own unique reference URL.

Q: What can you do with an NFT hero?
Playing this amazing Game-Fi starts with you hiring an NFT hero. Place your NFT hero in territory and produce resources. You can get GRT by selling resources immediately, but you can also reinvest resources to produce more. You can use resources to join the war if you want, or challenge the ranking leaderboard to win an overwhelming amount of RETA. It all depends on your strategy. And it will start on October 3.

NFT heroes are key assets that you can hold in the Retaverse ecosystem. That means you can still play the game using NFT heroes in the next game in the future.

Q: When can I trade NFT heroes?
We are now upgrading the NFT marketplace, and it will be updated with the official launch version soon. And it won’t be long, and you’ll be able to trade heroes on the new NFT Marketplace on September 29.