Get ready for
Championship in advance!

Get ready for
Championship in advance!

Mar 29, 2023

Hello, Commander!

Many commanders participated in the previous Fast Mode Championship and created an exciting stage with their outstanding skills and strategies. Now, we are preparing for the next competition, and we are looking forward to the Fast Mode Championship, which will be held on April 14 at 10:00 UTC, to be an even more exciting stage.

In addition, with the upcoming Fast Mode Championship, we are starting a partnership promotion with many guilds and media influencers. Now, commanders can prepare for the Fast Mode Championship in advance through this partnership. Anyone will have the chance to challenge for attractive rewards and become the true strong of the Fast Mode Championship!

Fast Mode Championship

Fast Mode Championship

What is a Fast Mode Championship?

Fast Mode Championship is an attractive mini-game in Reta Wars that takes place once every four weeks. If you become the winner of the leaderboard with fast hand movements and sophisticated strategies, you will receive huge rewards for the results. In addition, by playing the Fast Mode Championship, you can experience the implicit experience that you need to learn in Reta Wars. However, since it is held every four weeks and requires purchasing an entry ticket each time, opportunities to receive such attractive rewards may not come easily. You can find more detailed information about the Fast Mode Championship in the Fast Mode Guide.

Fast Mode Championship Reward

A victorious commander who survives in the Fast Mode Championship and becomes the winner of the leaderboard will receive attractive rewards for the results.

▲ The winners in Top 100 will be awarded a total worth of $4,913 in attractive rewards

Fast Mode Championship Admission Ticket

To enter the Fast Mode Championship, commanders must pay a cost and purchase an admission ticket. Starting from this championship, the price of admission tickets will vary. Unlike the previously discounted promotional price, you can now purchase an admission ticket by paying an additional cost of 20 Square Coin or 300 GRT.

In addition to collecting a certain amount of GRT or Square coin to purchase admission tickets, there is another opportunity to enter the Fast Mode Championship for free. This method is to register on the whitelist we prepared!

You can register for the whitelist on Gleam from 00:00 UTC on April 3 to 10:00 UTC on April 12 and participate in the Fast Mode Championship for free! Along with free entry, check out the detailed whitelist giveaway information on Gleam!

Also, you can enjoy the Fast Mode Championship through the party, just like the previous tournaments, in addition to the whitelist. Play Championship with your friends and get bigger rewards! You can find more information about the party tournament below. Find a party to join in Glim and communicate with them!

PARTY Tournament Event

PARTY Tournament Event

What is a party tournament?

The Party Tournament is a event where parties compete against each other in the Fast Mode Championship. The party with the most party members in the Top 100 of the ranking leaderboard through outstanding performance will receive a tremendous reward. Become the best party in the Fast Mode Championship and claim attractive rewards! This opportunity will be given to everyone!

How to participate in a party tournament

It’s very simple. When you click on Fast Mode Championship on April 14th at 10:00 UTC, you can enter your nickname. At this point, all you have to do is write the party name in square brackets in front of your nickname (ex. [ABC]nickname). Now that the process for participating in the party tournament is complete, you can enjoy the Fast Mode Championship. If you are the party leader, you can create a party and recruit party members on this Google form.

Party Tournament Rewards and Rules

After the Fast Mode Championship is over, we will tally the results of the Party Tournament based on the party member who ranked on the Top 100 leaderboard. The rewards for the party tournament will be determined by the number of commanders on the Top 100 Leader Board, and the top three parties will receive the following rewards.

– 1st Place : 5,000 RETA + Junior doll 100ea for every party member who are in TOP 100
– 2nd Place : 3,000 RETA
– 3rd Place : 2,000 RETA

According to these results, we will distribute rewards to the provided wallet addresses. If you are the 1st place party, the Junior NFT will be provided to each individual wallet. Also, we are not responsible for incorrect addresses, and the ranked parties must keep in touch with us for further communication.

To challenge the high ranking!

You will need a lot of practice to overcome fierce competition in the Fast Mode Championship and party tournaments and be ranked high. You will need a lot of practice to overcome fierce competition in the Fast Mode Championship and party tournaments and be ranked high.

It will help you a lot as you prepare for the upcoming great Fast Mode Championship!

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