Fast Mode OBT:
Look forward to the 3rd round!

Fast Mode OBT:
Look forward to the 3rd round!

Feb 8, 2023

Hello, Commander!

Many commanders will still remember the tension and excitement of the 2nd round of Fast Mode. The improved fast mode was a free play game that many commanders were satisfied with and still attracted a large audience. In the 2nd round, commanders who won after a fierce battle were also honored on the leaderboard.

Today, we introduce the upcoming 3rd round of Fast Mode OBT to the commander. As many of you know, the 3rd round of Reta Wars: Fast mode OBT will start on February 10th! We’ve prepared one change for a more interesting fast mode. We will always update for the fierce and fun fast mode!

Rule: 3rd round of Fast Mode OBT

  • Opening time: February 10, 2023, 10:00 UTC
  • Running Time: 4 hours

  • In this round, the production method of natural resources will be changed from the pie division method to the power-based production method. This is the same way that tactical resources are produced. As fast mode progresses, the production of natural resources will be faster!

  • All other rules are the same as the last round.

Fast mode that keeps changing!

We know that the commander’s early play in the fast mode last time had a lot of influence. The changes will prevent commanders’ play from being formalized early in the fast mode and create a faster, more exciting fast mode. We are continuing to update to create a more interesting fast mode. Survive Fast Mode with meticulous strategies and quick hand movements and become a leaderboard winner!

Also, we are reviewing the fast mode that is carried out regularly. Furthermore, we are considering how to host a large championship separately, which regularly includes guild tournaments in Fast Mode. The commander will be able to find out more about this in the upcoming roadmap announcement. Commander, please wait for the upcoming announcement!

About Fast Mode

Commander, are you new to Fast Mode? A key feature of Fast Mode is that it compresses most of the game elements you can experience in Reta Wars in a short time. Resources will gather at a tremendous rate, and buildings will be upgraded very quickly.

And it is FREE! In Fast Mode, all players will run from an equal starting line. At the start of each game, the player is presented with 20 new heroes. When a new game in Fast Mode starts, you can go to My NFT and check out 20 heroes. Here are 20 hero presets with fixed rarity and ability, and you are free to use them. Of course this is not an NFT and will be deleted at the end of the game.

Please check the prepared link below so that you can learn more about Fast Mode.