Fast Mode: Championship,
The Stage of the Strong

Fast Mode: Championship,
The Stage of the Strong

March 8, 2023

Hello, Commander!
As many commanders know, the daily Fast mode is still a popular Reta Wars mini game. In the daily battle, the commanders’ strategies became more sophisticated and their hand movements became faster. Today we’re going to talk about the emergence of a new battlefield for experienced commanders. That’s right! This is a story about the “Fast Mode Championship”, a new stage for the strong.

The first Fast Mode Championship can participate in March 17th at 10:00 UTC! The party tournament event is also back with the Fast Mode Championship! This is a great opportunity to know the real powerhouse in Fast Mode Championship and the best party in Fast Mode at the same time. Check out our announcement for Fast Mode Championship and Party Tournament announcement!

Fast Mode Championship

Fast Mode Championship

What is the Fast Mode Championship?

Unlike the daily Fast Mode, You have to pay a new ticket every time you challenge this Fast Mode Championship. The commander can participate in the Fast Mode Championship from the Square Menu in the same way that he can participate in Fast Mode. Click on the Fast Mode Championship banner activated at 10:00 UTC on March 17 and participate in the first Fast Mode Championship! The Fast Mode Championship is based on the daily Fast Mode game method. If you participate in Fast Mode for the first time, you can check out the Fast Mode Guide for more information.

What is the difference from Fast Mode?

  • The Fast Mode Championship is accessible from the Square menu like Fast Mode. However, the Fast Mode Championship does not take place every day, unlike Fast Mode. The Fast Mode Championship is open every four weeks at 10:00 UTC.

  • The Fast Mode Championship lasts four hours. But Reta War runs like Fast Mode every 30 minutes for 5 minutes! Be careful not to lose your concentration on a longer and fiercer battlefield!

  • Unlike Fast Mode, which can be played for free, Fast Mode Championship require you to pay a certain amount of Square coin or GRT to purchase Fast Mode Championship ticket for admission. The commander can enter this Fast Mode Championship for 10 Square coin or 100 GRT. But this is a discounted price for the first Fast Mode Championship and from the next championship, you will have to pay more Square coins or GRT for admission! The price of Fast Mode Championship tickets for the next Fast Mode Championship will be announced on the announcement channel.

  • On the “Big Chance” tab of the Shop, you can selectively pay for it. Also, you can purchase these items only once each. This provides you with attractive boosting. However, this effect will only take effect until this Fast Mode ends.

Receive an honorable reward!

The honorable commanders who survived the battlefield and named the leaderboard will be rewarded for their honorable results. This is a huge reward for the Fast Mode Championship, which is given to strong who have overcome difficulties, unlike the daily Fast Mode.

“PARTY Tournament Event”

If you play Fast Mode Championship as a PARTY with
your friends, you can get a bigger reward!

If you play Fast Mode as a PARTY with your friends,
you can get a bigger reward!

Of course! you can be a PARTY, too!

Fast mode Party tournament event is back!
It’s not difficult at all. The only thing you need is friends to play together.
Enjoy it together and get your additional rewards!

How to Participate

  • PARTY Ticker (ex. AVC, KA, NGG etc)
    – Please submit your PARTY’s special ticker in English capital letters (3 letters or less).
    – We will contact you if there are overlapping tickers.
  • Representative game Wallet Address.
    – If your PARTY win, RETA will be paid to this wallet address.

  • Representative Telegram contact

How to Play

  • Click Fast Mode on 17th March UTC 10:00 (Square tab->Fast Mode Championship)

  • Write the PARTY name in nickname. (ex. [AVC]RETAKING )
    *Note : Please write your PARTY name with Square brackets [ ]

  • Play Fast Mode: Championship. Please refer the detail this Guide.


When Fast Mode is finished, a leaderboard ranking table is displayed and individual ranking rewards can be obtained. This reward is an additional reward for the Fast Mode Championship Tournament event, apart from the Fast Mode Championship Individual Ranking reward. Challenge your rewards with your strategy at the party tournament event that’s back!

  • Party Tournament(17th Mar)
    – 1st Place : 5,000 RETA + Junior doll 100ea for every party member who are in TOP 100
    – 2nd Place : 3,000 RETA
    – 3rd Place : 2,000 RETA


  • PARTY with the largest number of PARTY members in the ranking TOP 100 wins.
  • Minimum 3 users must be in the top 100 to receive the award.
  • When tied, the PARTY with the highest ranking PARTY member is the priority.


  • Reward RETA will be paid to the Wallet Address provided, and Junior NFT tickets will be distributed individually to the 1st Place PARTY ranking entry user.
  • The team is not responsible for accidents caused by incorrect wallet address.
  • 1st place PARTY must respond to our call to receive the prize. If the PARTY don’t respond for 5 days, it will be invalidated.

To challenge the high ranking!

You will need a lot of practice to overcome fierce competition in the Fast Mode Championship and party tournaments and be ranked high. Practice in the daily Fast Mode and prepare for the Fast Mode Championship! Fast Mode can be played for two hours each every 10:00 UTC and 22:00 UTC every day. This is a great opportunity to collect square coin and test your strategy!

Also, The 10 Square coin you need to buy a championship ticket will be very easy to get in the daily fast mode. It will help you a lot as you prepare for the upcoming great Fast Mode Championship!