Championship is coming!

Championship is coming!

June 29, 2023

Hello, Commander!
The arena filled with dynamic battles, Fast Mode Championship returns to the battlefield of Reta Wars! The introduction of Elixir brought new variables, and the battlefield changed more rapidly with faster building upgrades and level ups. We look forward to commanders showcasing astonishing performances through brilliant strategies and advanced skills in this Fast Mode Championship.

The Fast Mode Championship will be held at 10:00 UTC on July 7! If you survive as the victor on the battlefield that offers a fair chance to everyone, you’ll receive attractive rewards. Get ready for the Fast Mode Championship right now through Daily Fast Mode and guides.

▲ If you are listed on the leaderboard's ranking list, you will get an attractive reward according.

Promotion #1:

The Team Squad

The Team Squad

Just like the last championship, we are running a Team Squad Promotion again! Commanders, form a team of four and participate in the Fast Mode Championship with identical team stickers. If you implement strategies together on the championship battlefield with your teammates, you will be able to achieve high ranks with surprising strategies.

The squad’s rank is determined by the sum of the individual scores of the team members recorded on the leaderboard of the Fast Mode Championship. The more each team member excels in the championship battlefield, the higher the squad will rank. With amazing concentration and organic cooperation with team members, challenge the top squads and become the protagonist of treasures for the winner!

◾ Participation

No separate registration is required for this event. To join, simply start a championship, use a nickname with the same [team ticker] as your squad, and dive into the game.


◾ Reward

– 1st place team: 8,000 GRT + 30 Promotion Scroll + 200 Junior Dolls

– 2nd place team: 4,000 GRT + 20 Promotion Scroll + 100 Junior Dolls

– 3rd place team: 2,000 GRT + 10 Promotion Scroll + 100 Junior Dolls

(will be given to the team members individually)

◾ Reward Distribution

After the Fast Mode Championship ends, we will distribute rewards to the top 4 members of the top squads. This means only 4 contributors to the team’s success are rewarded! All rewards for squad rankings will be paid to individual wallets by July 14th, after the championship ends.

◾ Notice

– If more than four players use the same [Team Ticker], only the scores of the top four players will count towards the team’s final score. Therefore, only the four players with the highest score per ticker can continue the ranking battle on this battlefield. All rewards will be air-dropped to the winners’ wallets within five days of the end of the championship. Therefore, the leader of Squad does not have to put together the wallet addresses of the team members separately.

– Your team doesn’t necessarily have to choose the same faction. What matters is the strategic decision of your team members.

– If there are two teams with the same score, compare each team’s top scorers to determine the winner.

Promotion #2:

Double Origin

Double Origin

Don’t despair if you didn’t make it to the stage of victory. Double Origin Promotion are waiting for the commanders! The Double Origin Promotion is a lucky opportunity for commanders who didn’t make it to the throne. If you reach a special rank on the championship leaderboard, unexpected gifts will await you.

◾ Criteria

– Commanders ranked 11th, 33rd, 55th, 77th, 99th on the Fast Mode Championship leaderboard

◾ Reward

– 100 Junior dolls (will be given to the commanders individually)

The Fast Mode Championship is not far away!

The Fast Mode Championship starts at 10:00 UTC on July 7th. A lot of practice will be needed to showcase your strategies and perform well in the Fast Mode Championship. You can prepare for the championship through the guide and test strategies by participating in the Daily Fast Mode. Furthermore, the Square coins you can earn as Daily Fast Mode rewards can help you purchase the entrance fee for the championship. The entry ticket for this Fast Mode Championship can be purchased for 20 Square coins or 200 GRT.

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